Presenter Instructions

You’ve finished your project and have submitted it to this site. What do you do next? Follow these instructions so that you’re ready to present your research at the Undergraduate Research Forum Virtual Event on Wednesday, April 20th.

Before the Event

  1. Search this website for your project, and make sure that it appears and is accurate. Contact the Office of Research for Undergraduate office if you can’t locate it.
  2. Share your presentation with co-presenters and faculty/graduate student mentors.
  3. Practice sharing your screen in a Zoom meeting BEFORE your LIVE presentation.
  4. Look out for an email from your session moderator(s). They will communicate expectations for how the session will be run.

On the Event Day

  1. Go to the Schedule page, identify your talk number and time, and use the “JOIN SESSION” link to join the LIVE meeting. Please communicate this to your co-presenters.
  2. You are expected to be in the meeting for the entire duration of your session or else you WILL miss your spot in the presenter sequence.
  3. Make a note of the phone-in information in the link—this is your back-up if your Wi-Fi goes down. You can also use Zoom’s mobile app or use a hotspot (if you have one) on your phone to connect your laptop.
  4. For your presentation, use your copy of a Google Slide presentation or your PPT file saved on your local machine, NOT the PNG files you submitted.

After Your Presentation

  1. Consider using Twitter to post a one-line description of your research project. Attach a PNG file of your poster. This is intended to engage the wider University community and to generate some chatter using the designated hashtags: #MiamiOH_UGRforum2022 #MiamiOHUndergradResearch
  2. Fill out the event survey. A link to it is provided here, and it will also be sent to you by email.


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