What is UDOIT?

Miami University has integrated an accessibility checker tool called UDOIT (Universal Design Online content Inspection Tool) into all courses. The University of Central Florida, sponsored by a Canvas project fund, developed UDOIT. After the UDOIT application runs you will receive a report with a list of errors and suggestions. Whenever possible, it is important to correct both errors and suggestions.

Learn more about UDOIT from AccessMU

Is it available in Canvas?

Yes, UDOIT is enabled in Canvas by default. You can follow these steps to access CARES:

  1. Open your Canvas course, then click UDOIT in the left course navigation menu.
  2. Click the green Run scanner button. (This process may take a few minutes to complete – just stay on that page until the scan is complete.)
  3. Click on the “view source” option to open the content item error. View source will show the text, HTML Code, or video that is reported as an error or suggestion.
  4. Use the UFIXIT to immediately fix the issue, however, this feature is not available for all errors.

Is there a cost?

No, there is no additional cost to instructors or students.