Planning Templates

Course Map Template

The course map visualizes the most efficient route through your course; it is the big-picture view. Think of it as the umbrella under which all of the individual modules/units fit. It can take an investment of time upfront to chart your course, but careful planning pays off and ensures that all the work done by students (and by you, the grader!) moves them toward achieving the course outcomes.

Downloadable Templates

Module Planning Template

The module planning template will guide you through a deeper dive into each module. This tool can walk you through the process of thinking strategically for outcomes, assessments, scaffolding, materials, engagement, and evaluation techniques.

Downloadable Templates

Design & Delivery Checklists

Our design and delivery checklists provide quality standards that combine the best elements of two industry-leading rubrics, Quality Matters (QM) and the SUNY Online Course Quality Review Rubric (OSCQR). The scorecards are designed to evaluate an online course but can assist in building courses for all modalities.

Course Design Checklist Course Delivery Checklist

Syllabus Writing Guide and Templates

Visit our Syllabus Writing Guide for resources and a breakdown of the various syllabus components.

MS Word Template Google Doc Template