How do I embed Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets in Canvas?

Google Workspace logo

1. In your course, go to “Google Drive” on the left navigation.

2. You will be prompted to authorize access to your Google account.

3. Then, go to the page, assignment, discussion, quiz, etc.. Go ahead and hit “Edit”.

4. In the rich content text editor, click the blue V-shaped icon (this represents “More External Tools”). Select “Google Apps”.

5. You will see a screen with all of your Google Drive files. Find the file you’re looking for, and then select either “Embed” or “Link”.

6. If you click “Embed”, the presentation (or doc, sheet, etc.) will appear in the rich content editor as pictured below. If you click “Link”, it will – perhaps this goes without saying – insert a hyperlink.

7. When you’ve saved the page, assignment, discussion, quiz, etc. it will look like this:

8. Alternatively, you could attach a file (if you export the presentation as a PDF) or insert slides as individual images (if you export the slides as images).