Graduate Level Course-EVALUATION & SYNTHESIS

Learning Outcomes image


appraise, judge, criticize, defend, compare, dispute, verify

construct, formulate, generate, predict, invent, compose, hypothesize, propose

Bloom’s Taxonomy lower-order thinking skills to higher-order thinking skills

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Challenging Assumptions, Debates, Discussions & Collaborative Learning, Decision-Making Situations, Journaling

Modeling, Design, Formulate a Solution or Improvement

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Open Education Resources, Textbooks, Creative Commons, Course Material Repositories, Video, Audio, Articles, Journals, Websites, Artifacts, Infographics, Novels

Questioning image

Find the errors. What fallacies, consistencies, and inconsistencies appear? Which is more important?

How would you test? Propose an alternative. Solve the following. State a rule.

Assessment image

Case Studies, Simulations, Algorithms, Artifacts, Experiments, Peer Review, Projects, Research, Presentations, Discussions