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choose, describe, define, identify, label, list, locate, match, memorize, name, omit, recite, recognize, select, state, tell, write

classify, defend, demonstrate, explain, give examples of, interpret, paraphrase, select, show, summarize

Bloom’s Taxonomy lower-order thinking skills to higher-order thinking skills

Instructional strategies image

Highlight, Rehearse, Memorize, Mnemonics, Review Game, Knowledge Check, Polling, Entrance & Exit Tickets, Think-Pair-Share, One-Minute Paper

Emphasize Connections, Knowledge Transfer, Summarize, Create a Visual Representation

Learning resource image

Open Education Resources, Textbooks, Creative Commons, Course Material Repositories, Video, Audio, Articles, Journals, Websites, Artifacts, Infographics, Novels

Questioning image

Who? What? Where? How? What does it mean? Which is the best?

State in your own words. Give an Example. Show in a graph or table. What would happen if? Which statement supports?

Assessment image

Quiz | Test: True/False, Multiple Choice, Fill-in-the-Blank, Short Answer, Matching

Knowledge Checks, Essay, Project, Research, Demonstration, Tables/Charts, Concept Map, Multimedia Artifact