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Week 6 reflection

For this week , we played Incan Gold and Can’t stop. For Incan Gold, players can decide to take adventure for more gold or to quit to ensure the gold they have got. For Can’t Stop, the players who reach the top is the winner.

Our group played Incan Gold first. I think the game is quite challenging and adventurous since all members need to decide whether they should keep on trying or just keeping the original gold. It called for decisive ideas and the courage to take adventures. For Can’t stop, the hard part is also about making good strategy to take risks properly.

I think the two games were quite fun since it was very exciting when we made a decision to continue the game or not. Personally I preferred Incan Gold since it was more exciting and challenging.

Week 8 reflection

This week, we played the game called Ladies& Gentlemen. For this game, two people get into a group and one acted as the lady while the other one as the gentle man. The rules are different for the two players.

I think this game is quite interesting and it was my first time to play this kind of games. I think the different part of this game is to stand in the shoe of the other player and make assumptions of his/her ideas based on gender.

I think this game also called for leadership to make good decisions and to lead the development of the storyline. The leadership ability can help the player to communicate better with group members and make reasonable decisions and choices based on current situations.

Week 11 reflection

For this week, we finished the Dungeon and Dragons. I became more familiar and better at the game through the practice of previous weeks. I were able to create a more fun plot and dialogue and fully use my imagination to come up with better ideas when dealing with difficult situations.

I remembered in the Episodes Big Bang Theory, the characters loved playing the game. Now I can understand and feel the fun in it. D&D is a game which requires all the participants to take active part in it and they all need to contribute to the development of the stories. A leader is also need for the game to guide all the members to carry on with the plot.

Week 3 reflection

This week we finished the last stage of Fiasco. We created the scene. I think my group member were better at creating the scene. I barely could make proper decisions so I most lost the game. After we finished playing Fiasco, we continued to discuss the game and leadership in the game. I think leadership is quite vital in playing this game since players needed to make proper decisions to win the game.

As for this game, I think it is quite fun since there are multiple possibilities. I think the hardest part is to make proper decisions based on the choice of the other players. Overall, I would recommend this game to my friends.

Week 9 reflection

For this week, we started to play Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It is a role-playing game that asks the participants to create their own character with different background, culture, races and identity.
It is my first time to play this game and I find it a little bit difficult since the rules are new to me and I didn’t seize the point of making decisions at vital point. But I find the game fun to play since there are different scenerios and my team members are very imaginative and decisive, so it makes the whole playing process a lot of fun.

Week 10 reflection

In this week’s game, I was having Internet issues at first so I just observed the game procedure of my team members. I got more familiar with this game this week. The difficult part of the game is to make decisions and players need to make wise choice to win the game.

This game is related with leadership since players need to make decisions based on the current situation and allocate their sources. It requires the players to have the skills of logical thinking and planning. In D&D, I need to think and plan ahead to make proper decisions on the following scenarios. At the same time, players need to act as the leader to make sure that their group can benefit from the decisions they make and win the game.

I enjoyed the game a lot this time and I am more familiar with the rules and techniques for making decisions in the game.

Week 12 reflection

I played Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with my classmate Li. This game is a a 5 vs 5 FPS game. There are different characters for the players to choose. I rank Diamond for this game.

I like this game a lot because it is quite competitive and fun. The map in the game is challenging and inspiring and it is quite attractive for the players to continue playing the game. I think this game also trains the ability of cooperation and working with others. The 5 members of a group need to work with others to win the game, so it is important to set strategies for the role and responsibility of each team member.

I think overall the game is quite interesting and proper for starters and it is also a good way to train the teamwork spirit within the group.

Roll Player

In Roll Player, players compete to build the best fantasy world adventurer. Players throw and select the dice to add to the character’s attribute score. They also need to buy weapons and armor for their heroes to equip them. Players train them to acquire new skills and discover their inner strength to prepare for the upcoming journey and gaining prestige by constructing the perfect character. The most prestigious players win the game and can triumph regardless of the conspiracy they face.

This game is a delightful dice feast. Roll Player has a total of seven colors of six-sided dice, which are very beautiful on the character board. The theme of the game is very special, it is a game of creating heroes. It is not uncommon for games to include character creation content, but it is probably only this dice hero who plays games around character creation. The combination of mechanics and themes is also great, showing the random number of the corner and the part that the player can control. In fact, although Roll Player uses a lot of dice to drive, the game itself does not rely solely on luck. Because the player has a large number of skills, characteristics, abilities, and occupations that can change the value of the dice, plus each round the player can actively choose the desired dice. It can be regarded as a light strategy game and I enjoyed the process of playing this game with my friends a lot. I believe it is a game fit for friends to kill time and also be engaged in the process of coming up with strategies and winning the game.