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Week 4: Mysterium

This past week, we played the board game, Mysterium. I found these game really entertaining and interesting. I liked how the “ghost” is given a lot of responsibility and he, in a way, dictates the game. At first I struggled only because I usually was looking too far into my clues. The important clues were often quite obvious and I was going to far into depth on the cards. I think that around the second or third time playing I was playing much better because we kind of got it figured out what we were looking for. For example, a common clue that the ghost would give is something that relates color. I think this game incorporated a lot of leadership skills because of the player roles. As the ghost you have a lot of responsibility as you choose the clues to give to each player. As a player, you have to be able to infer about a picture and be decisive about your choice. My group also used communication in order to help each other while picking a card. I have a friend, Carter, who told me his interest in games of this genre, i think he would enjoy playing Msyterium.

Survive: Escape From Atlantis

This past week, we played Survive: Escape From Atlantis. I was not the biggest fan of this game, but i still enjoyed playing it. I found this game to be quite frustrating at times, but overall it was enjoyable. I think that this game required some strategy in order to win, whether it’s where you place your people or which tile you pick up. This game shows several aspects that are also evident in the leadership skills that we talked about. This game differed from previous games because it was everyone playing against each other. In the other games, it is usually a cooperative, hidden-role style where communicating and working with others is essential. This game did not utilize communication as it was more focused on our individuality and decision making. i am not sure who would like this game, possibly my brother.

Ladies & Gentlemen

I found this game rather interesting to be quite honest, also a little sexist, but that’s alright. It’s a good game that requires a lot of strategy from both players on the team. As a lady, you couldn’t just ask for the gentlemen to by you everything. you had to strategically choose your items so they were in your gentlemen’s pay range and that your items matched with each other. As the gentlemen, you had to be know when to buy, when to pay for a small portion of it and buy it next time, or to just say no to your lady. This game definitely helped with role/character identification, knowing your role, and even money management. I think that several of my friends would enjoy this game.

Spyfall 2

Last week we were given several games to choose from, and my group chose Spyfall 2. This game required a lot of communication amongst players. My group resorted to asking a lot of questions, but to my understanding, players also make observations, statements, etc. We would ask a specific player a question regarding the card that every one received, except for the spy, hoping that the spy answers incorrectly, giving up his position. i found this game fun, but after playing 5 or so times, it became redundant. I think that this game was similar to games we played several weeks ago, where we would try to decipher roles of other players , but with lest gameplay. I am not sure who i would recommend this game to, possibly my brother as we have played games like this before.

Secret Hitler

This past week, we were giving the choice of playing Secret Hitler and Hanabi. For the majority of class, I played Secret Hitler with a group a five, including myself. I found myself enjoying this game because of the cooperative, strategical game style. This game is almost exactly like Avalon which we played last week. I liked both of these games for some reason, i think it is because of having to work together but also work against each other at the same time. I think that this game incorporated a lot of leadership skills in the same way that Avalon did. They require you to make educated guesses on who is who. You have to be decisive in your guesses, especially if are guessing who is Hitler. I think that some of my friends would actually enjoy this game.

Betrayal of the House on the Hill

During week 3 of EDL 290T B, we played Betrayal at the House on the Hill. I found this game rather entertaining as it felt like a step up from the cooperative games we played the last two weeks. Although we were still playing with a cooperative style, this game made things more interesting by having anybody join the other side. Every game, the person who is evil varies every game based on how your game is progressing. I also was intrigued by the first part of the game where you spend turns exploring the floors of the house. I thought this was really cool because it made each game unique in the sense that the floor plan of the game varies each time you play. The idea of having characters being able to hold items and omens for future use is pretty cool. This game made me think about each move by using strategic planning in order for a better outcome in the game. I think that this game emphasized communication skills among players. I think that a few of my friends would enjoy this game if they played it.