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D&D Week 1 Reflection

This week we played the popular roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. The setup consisted of five players using the free software Roll player and a standard 7 dice set. Js was our dungeon master who is leading us through the quest while also playing the adorable goblin named Magglub. My character is a high elf sorcerer who joined the quest because she was bored and wanted to prove to herself and her noble family that she can be independent. In my opinion, the hardest part of the game is the roleplaying aspect. I am completely new to D&D but learning how to use the dice set and roll is pretty easy to catch on to. I had trouble being vocal at my party and just being vulnerable and willing to have fun. I think part of that issue stems from being shy and it’s harder to engage in conversation through zoom than in person. I’m playing with friends in class so I think next week I’ll try harder to bounce off of their dialogue and make the game even more interesting.

I recommended the game to my brother because I feel like if anyone I know would be interested in D&D it’s him. My family is religious and aren’t comfortable with the whole magic aspect and are also put off by the stereotypes that surround roleplaying games. When I asked my brother if he wanted to play with me sometime he said “isn’t that like a nerdy game”. I replied that it didn’t have to be and that D&D isn’t what he thinks it is like the nerdy group of friends in Stranger Things playing in their basement. He’s open to the idea so we will see what happens.

I think some leadership aspects of the game include when certain characters sort of taking charge of the party and help guide the narrative or where the quest takes them next. I think it also has to do with the way you present your character and their behavior. In the game, I was much more aggressive and violent than I am in person, I took control of my alternate personality. I look forward to seeing more ways leadership has an influence on gaming in the upcoming weeks of D&D.

Ladies and Gentleman Reflection

This week we played a game in TableTop simulator called “Ladies and Gentleman”, it is a cross between a card and role-playing game. If playing in TableTop simulator the game is already mostly set up, with everything the ladies need on one side of the table and the men on the other side. I played the role of the lady so I can only explain the game from that perspective. On the lady’s side, we run a series of boutique shops and cleverly try to sell and buy nice items so that they can be the best dressed at the ball. After several rounds of visiting different boutique shops and selecting various articles of clothing, jewelry or purses the lady will present her findings to her husband. The husband then decides whether he can afford to pay it or not and tries to make the choice that will benefit the couple the most.

I think the hardest part of the game was strategizing because all the ladies are trying to buy the best things with the end goal of being the best dressed. I had to decide things like do I put the best purse up in my boutique window and hope it distracts the ladies while I go visit another shop or do I put the worst thing in the boutique window so no one comes and I get a discount on my purchases. Sadly, we didn’t get very far into the game before we had to end but from what I witnessed I enjoyed the game very much and would recommend it to my family. It has the potential to be interesting and have funny role-playing once everyone knows how to play and is comfortable in their character.

I think the biggest leadership ties this game has is that it requires strategy, for reasons I mentioned above and because it requires teamwork. Winning the game will be difficult if players cannot communicate effectively and discretely with their partner on the other side of the table. A gentleman signaling to his wife to slow down on the purchases because they are low on funds or to let loose and buy whatever she wants without alerting the other players is key.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection Week 9: D&D Week 1

Today in Tabletop Leadership, we played Dungeons & Dragons. I have never played this before but I enjoyed our first session. It is a roll playing game that requires a game master and a lot of creative players. The hardest part about the game is managing all of the character stats and being a good roll player. I don’t consider myself that creative so it is difficult to carry on the story.

This game has ties to leadership because it is a group working together. There are many different perspectives by each of the players and you have to make decisions as a group. Leadership requires making decisions and managing different perspectives within a group. The game master also acts as a leader because they have to initiate the story.

I think my friend Taylor would enjoy this game because she likes to roll play. I think her creative mind would make this game more enjoyable. She is very good at following along with a story which would let her get into it easily. I started to get into our play session after our first combat. I like how we won our first combat and then made decisions as a group on what to do next. I look forward to next week in order to see what interesting things develop in our game.

What Type of Gamer Am I?

After I took the quiz from Quantic Foundery, I think the result is very accurate. This result of the quiz shows that I have high conflict score, which means more competitive and enjoy games where players can attack each other. I think the reason is that I often play FPS games and Battle Royal games, such as CSGO, APEX, PUBG and so on. I enjoy playing against other players a lot. And it might be the same for me on board games, for example I enjoy playing Incan gold a lot since it can play against with each other. So, I think this high conflict score is quite accurate.

About the Social Manipulation, I think why the score is also higher than others is influenced by the game I always play, too. Because in the game like CSGO, Valorant or Rainbow Six, players need to guess what your opponents will do for this round based on some information. For example, the economic situation on CSGO can determined whether a team could buy guns or not. If players guess their opponents will Eco for this round, which means do not buy good guns for that round to get good economic situation, then players can play more aggressive since they have the adventure on good guns. I think this is the reason of why I enjoy playing psychological mind games and why I get a high score on social manipulation.

About the score on social fun, I also think it is very accurate. Since I do not play board games a lot, which is once per week during the class time, I think the most important thing for me  to play board game is to gain some happiness because I know I am not good at board games. So, I enjoy the game which has simple rules and easy to play with. And this might also be the reason of my low score on needs to win and cooperation, because I just want to have fun during playing board games, so I do not care about the teamwork and win or lose. However, I know these things are very important in all kinds of games. For example, if in the game like CSGO, players do not care about the teamwork, they will have a very low chance to win. I think this is also true for some competitive board games.

For the low score on Aesthetics, I think it is also very accurate because I almost do not care about how beauty the game is, I think a good game can attract more players based on the content itself and the company’s later operation. Personally, I think the aesthetic can make a game being better, but it is not a big adventure.

All in all, I think the quiz has a very high accuracy.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 8: Ladies & Gentlemen

This week, we played the board game which is called Ladies & Gentlemen. We played this game during the class time online by using tabletop simulator. In this game, every two people will get into a group, one played as the lady and one played as the gentlemen. And the rules for being a lady and being a gentleman are totally different.

During the class time, there were 8 people including me played this game, and I was playing the on gentlemen side. We only got to the week 2 because one of the classmates had the internet issue and because of the complexity of the game. But we had a great time.

I think the hardest point for playing this game is to estimate your partner’s situation and making proper choice for the team. For example, my partner played as lady, and he decided to go to visit a place. However, two other teams also wanted to visit to that place, but only one of them can visit that place. Since I got the coin of 1, which means our group can go first, me and my partner can go to that place and the other two teams cannot, so they wasted this chance. So, I think this is the hardest point, because if you make a bad choice or make a wrong guess, your team will lose for this round.

I think the leadership in this game is to make good decisions. For example, if I did not get the coin of 1 and my partner chose to visit the same place as the other two teams, our team will waste that chance so that we will fall behind in this game. So, I think in a team, the leader should have the ability to make good decisions because good decisions can make the team better.

I think I do not like this game because I think the rule is a little bit complex.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 8: Ladies & Gentlemen

This week in Tabletop Leadership we played Ladies & Gentlemen. We had 8 players in the session, 4 ladies and 4 gentlemen. We only got through one phase because it was difficult to get set up. I would say that the most difficult part of the game is knowing what all of the cards and pieces do. It is very different gameplay depending on if you’re a lady or gentlemen. Each one has there own pieces and cards that go with it and it was hard to not mix them up.

This game has ties to leadership because you have to work with your partner in order to win. You must make the right choices together so that you do not put you or your partner in a bad situation. Leadership is all about making decisions for the betterment of the group. I think my family would enjoy this game because it is silly. The theme is fun and my family doesn’t like games that take it too seriously.

Our play session was going well, but we did not have enough time to play. The game says it can be completed in 30 minutes, but that was nearly impossible with 8 people who have never played before. The game can be confusing because there are a lot of tasks and a lot of people going at the same time. I think I would enjoy this game if I got another shot.

Game of the Week Blog Reflection 5: Fiasco Week 3

“Fiasco” is not so much a running game, as it is an impromptu drama between friends. It has a very high degree of openness, and the rules are so simple that there are almost no rules. The set scenes are like a dog-blood movie, playing ( In other words, there must be a plot reversal during performance. This game is inspired by third-rate thrilling comedy movies where things will always get messed up. You play an ordinary person with lofty ambitions and low self-control. On the other hand, things are not going well. In fact, the story will probably end up in a rout of suspicion, murder and mutual revealing of ugliness. The guy you play will be killed, ruined, and learned a bitter lesson. If you are lucky enough, the end result will only return to the original point.

As far as playability is concerned, friends around me have played this game no less than 20 times. There are 3, 4, and 5 games. I can say very responsibly that the playability is very high, even if it’s just a script. It’s okay to play 5-8 times, because every time the story is set differently, everyone’s story direction is different, and the final ending is very different. Moreover, the requirements of this game for players, any player without board game experience can directly participate, not only there is no moderator, and no preparation time… You can start after 10 minutes of explaining the rules. Of course, the threshold of this game lies not in the rules, but in the players themselves. According to my own definition and habitual expression, I think this game requires players to take the initiative. He/she needs to actively participate in the game, tell stories, interact with others, play, etc…

This game has no difference between victory and defeat. The main process experience, whether the whole story is wonderful or not is the only criterion for judging the game experience. Moreover, its props are very streamlined, with dozens of various official modules and various player original modules, which doubles the reopening rate of the game. “Life is like a play, it all depends on acting.” When we create a very interesting plot, everyone has a great sense of accomplishment. , And as long as everyone has a good brain and loves to chat, they will have a lot of fun, and all kinds of festivals will be lost, and the acting skills will be greatly improved.