Off-Campus Housing

Signing a lease

Spring semester is typically the time of year students begin thinking about their future housing arrangements. Whether you still haven’t signed a lease for next year or you like to plan ahead and are looking for 2020-2021 housing, we’ve got you covered! We recommend the Off-Campus Housing website with all the information you need to find somewhere to live in Oxford. Before you sign for that house or apartment with all of your best friends, check out our tips from Miami Students!

We reached out to Miami students on our instagram about their top tips for signing a lease, and here is what they said!

  1. Read your lease ALL the way through. There may be hidden fees or requirements.
  2. Don’t rush! Not everyone signs a lease over 1-2 years in advance. There will still be houses or apartments available if you wait.
  3. Check the price tag. Does your rent cost include utilities or is that an additional monthly expense you will need to consider?
  4. Make a spreadsheet to compare apartments you’ve looked at and their benefits.
  5. Determine parking before you sign. Some places don’t have parking, others only have 1-2 spaces. If everyone in your lease is bringing a car, determine who will get a parking spot.

Miami has also developed a Tenant Education Program to help students navigate the sometimes-confusing world of signing a lease. It’s all online, and some landlords even offer incentives for completing the program!

Looking for a sublease?

Signing a subleases is a great option if you are planning to study abroad next year or graduate early. This can help ensure that you don’t end up paying more than expected.

The Off-Campus Housing website  isa phenomenal place to start! This website has a message board where students can post about furniture they’re looking to sell or leases they need signed. There is even a section to help students find roommates!

In addition to Miami’s website, some local companies have sections on their website specifically for people looking to sublease. This is a great platform of communication for both the students looking to and for a sublease.. Additionally, if you are looking to sublease a house, students often post in the “Miami University Class of…” Facebook pages. Keeping a lookout on social media is another great tool for finding a sublease!