College is a lot. Especially when you have tons of homework and maybe one or two jobs on the side. 

But still, don’t let that prevent you from making the most out of the 500 organizations/clubs available on campus. Being involved is a great way to increase your sense of belonging while helping you develop your personal and professional life! 

So, for all the busy bees out there who still want to be part of something bigger, we asked our followers on Instagram to recommend some student orgs that have a lower time commitment. Here is a list of 11 low-commitment organizations/clubs that were submitted by your peers!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Reps

DEI Reps is a good way to start your involvement journey, especially as a first- or second-year living in a residence hall. As a rep, you will represent yourself and your residence hall and receive support to host DEI events where you live. You will also have the opportunity to meet with other reps and hang out with them while making meaningful DEI conversations.

Asian American Association

AAA stands among the largest multicultural organizations on campus. Their major events include the Asian Cultural Festival in the fall and Fusion in the spring. Their focus is on cultural awareness, special events and service projects. 

Black Books Matter

If you love reading and want to broaden your horizon to books written by Black and other POC authors, this is for you! This is a tight-knit community with meetings once a month where members talk about their latest read and have a good time! 

Active Minds

This is a national organization whose mission is to reduce the stigma and change the conversation about mental health and illness on college campuses. Their events include the Glow Run 5k, the Out of Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention, and Stress Less Week. They also partner with the Suicide Prevention Team, Women Helping Women, and the Student Counseling Service. Their weekly meetings focus on various mental health topics, followed by acts of self-care and healing. Looking to de-stress every week? This is your sign!

Miami Hope

Miami Hope is a student-run organization also dedicated to mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and the overall wellness of the student body. Their goals are to provide members with valuable knowledge and skills about mental health support while hosting educational workshops and events. Fun fact: they partner with Grant Us Hope and the Office of Student Wellness. If you’re passionate about helping yourself and those close to you, give this a try!

Art Museum Student Organization 

The Art Museum Student Organization plans events, volunteers for community outreach programs, and helps with school tours. Members get to sponsor visiting lecturers and artists and even visit other regional museums, such as the Columbus Museum of Art and the Cincinnati Art Museum. Interested in museums and all the good stuff they have to offer? Check them out!

The Guitar Club of Miami Ohio

This is a fun and passionate community for guitar players of all skill levels. As a member, you will have the resources to develop your musical abilities to the fullest! For all guitar lovers out there, this is your place!

Association of Creative Writers

Whether you are a writer just for fun or planning a career, this organization provides you with a welcoming environment with rich opportunities for meeting like-minded authors and developing professionally! All majors are welcome, and you are free to engage as much as you want!


EcoReps are the advocates for sustainability on our campus. They promote sustainable living in the residence halls through membership on each hall’s Community Leadership Team (CLT) and green initiatives such as EcoFacts, Trash Audits, the Water Bottle Project, Specialty Recycling, and more. Anyone who is interested is eligible to join EcoReps, even off-campus residents.

Zero Waste Oxford

This is a green organization dedicated to sustainability and bringing awareness to the amount of waste the average person produces. They do weekly clean-ups in the uptown area and run the famous thrift shop in Armstrong’s L&H space that is fueled by donations from the community. 

Paws for a Cause Miami 

Paws for a Cause Miami assists in the training and socializing of service dogs. They also seek to educate the general public about service dogs and disabilities through awareness and fundraising, illustrated by their mission to do “whatevFUR” it takes to improve the lives of those in the disability community. Want to make a difference while getting to pet cute dogs? Here is your chance!

Cinci Smiles

This is a volunteer-based organization associated with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. They work together to assemble and send craft kits to the hospital, host fundraisers to raise money for Cincinnati Children’s, and plan group events to hang out and do activities with the kids! This is your place if you want to see the direct impact your time and effort are having on the children at the hospital.

For more information about involvement, check out The Hub! Miami has something for everyone!

Chi Truong | Class of 2026