It’s safe to say that Finals week is one of the hardest times of the semester. You have to pack up all your belongings, say goodbye to your friends, and still find time to study for your exams. One of the biggest things that always help me survive this time of year is popping in my headphones and listening to Spotify. It’s great for when I’m studying late at night and have to focus or am in need of some motivation.

Check out some of my favorite finals playlists below so that you don’t waste any more time browsing through Spotify’s endless playlist options.

Alpha Brain Waves

My go-to playlist for study sessions when I need to focus is Alpha Brain Waves on Spotify. If you’re doing hard math problems, trying to read through a ton of notes, or want low-key background music, this playlist is great for you! Fair warning – it’s so soothing it could make you a little sleepy!

Totally Stress Free

This playlist is catered to your personal preferences based on what you tend to listen to on Spotify. Who wouldn’t want a list of songs crafted specifically for them? I like to listen when I am walking to the library or Starbucks. It puts me in a happier and more relaxed mood so I am ready to hit the books when I get to my destination. 

Simple Songs to Be Productive

If you prefer acoustic music similar to what you’d find at a coffee shop but don’t want to experience the madness of Kofenya during finals week, this is a great playlist to try! Make a cup of coffee, get comfortable, and plug in your headphones. You’ll instantly feel relaxed and ready to study while listening along to artists like New Rules, Mac Ayres, and Justin Bieber.

Quiet Hours

A lot of my friends recommend listening to rain forest and thunderstorm tracks while studying, but I like to use those to fall asleep every night. In order to avoid napping mid study sessions, I use the Quiet Hours playlist. It’s a nice alternative to a typical thunderstorm track that still incorporates a mixture of nature noises with other downtempo beats.

Summer Throwbacks

Save this one for when Finals are over and you just took your last exam. Knowing the summer music is right around the corner can keep you going and stay motivated throughout finals week.! While this may not be you yet, it will be soon. Keep this playlist saved so that it can be used to encourage you to stay motivated throughout the week. As soon as you’re finished with your last exam, Then when your last exam is finished, turn this on and start celebrating the end of the semester. You earned it!

Hannah Frier | Marketing