It’s hard to believe that this wild year is winding down and will soon be coming to an end. As a Senior, this year was full of surprises that I never could have imagined when I stepped onto Miami’s campus four years ago.

Before we pack up and head towards our next adventure, there are a few things that I think we should all check off our lists. 

Decorate your Grad Cap

Let your creative juices flow and personalize your graduation cap before the big ceremony. We also recommend gathering your roommates to participate in this activity, so you can appreciate each other’s company. If you are looking for inspiration on decorating your Grad Cap, check out our blog post on this topic.  

Visit your Favorite Study Spot

We cried. We laughed. We drank gallons of coffee. Studying was a large part of our Miami experience. Regardless of whether it was all a positive experience, let’s all take one last time to appreciate our “home-away-from-home” – our favorite study spot. Mine are the Farmer School of Business library and the open tables at Pearson. 

Step on the Seal

We all know this tradition and have carefully avoided stepping on the Seal when walking across campus. I remember being advised during orientation about the consequences of sleeping through an exam and failing it if I didn’t avoid this sacred spot. After our last finals, however, this will no longer be the case and the tradition becomes triumphantly and confidently walking on the seal. 

Just be careful if you plan on attending grad school at Miami. I’m not sure if you want to take that risk….

Try a Toasted Roll

Become a part of the long standing tradition of toasted rolls at Miami. These sugared rolls are really unlike anything else at Miami (Seriously. So. Good.) and if you haven’t tried them yet, you can still get them at Pulley Diner in the Armstrong Student Center.

Bonus! There is a MAP event being hosted on Wednesday, April 28th where you can design your own Toasted Roll. Check it out here!

Take a Leisurely Walk on Campus

Explore the nature trails surrounding campus, try out the frisbee golf course on Western, or simply admire the beauty of all the academic buildings. Whatever you choose, just go outside and soak up Miami’s beauties. Especially with Spring in the air and all of the flowers blooming, now is a great time to take a few pictures on campus. Trust us, you’ll miss those beautiful views when you can’t see them every day!

Kiss Under the Arch

We have all heard the legend: “If you kiss your true love under the Upham Hall Arch, you will marry and the bond will never be broken.”

This one is optional, but if you have a special someone and you want it to last, then put this legend to the test before you leave campus! Who knows, you may even become Miami Mergers.

Eat in the Dining Hall One. Last. Time.

Meal planning, grocery shopping, cooking, and clean-up are all a part of our off-campus routines. Take a night off from this and enjoy a carefree meal in the dining hall. Try going to your favorite one from first year and see if your favorite foods then are still your favorite now. 

Thank Your Favorite Professor

Before you leave, thank your professor or a staff member for teaching and/or supporting you. You probably know of at least a few staff or faculty members who really contributed to your learning or growth as a person. Like anyone else, they appreciate hearing when their hard work has made a difference for students. Plus, you never know what kind of advice or knowledge they might have to offer!

Try Somewhere New Uptown

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably frequented the Oxford Chipotle more times than you care to admit. Before you graduate, try eating at a spot Uptown that you may have never been to before or haven’t tried in a while. Especially the local restaurant you can’t get outside of Oxford. Steinkellers Steak Night and Bruno’s balls are on my list! What’s on yours?

Have Fun with It!

First on my list is checking out Oxford’s nature trails and enjoying Miami’s AMAZING scenery. I wish everyone luck with completing their bucket lists and enjoying our last few weeks on campus.

Hannah Frier | Marketing