You’ve seen it. People wearing their mask hanging from one ear. Or letting it slip below the nose. Or pulling it down to talk to people. Or wearing the same mask over and over. Or touching the mask frequently.

Now that Miami is mandating, with limited exceptions, wearing a mask everywhere on campus (inside and out), we thought we’d revisit these issues. There is a right way and a lot of wrong ways to wear a mask. We’re here to help.

1 . Prep

  • DO wash your hands before and after putting on your facial covering.
  • DON’T put on a facial covering that’s already been worn and hasn’t been washed.

2. Wear

  • DON’T forget to bring your facial covering with you when you leave your residence.
  • DO cover your mouth, nose, and chin with it.
  • DON’T wear it if it’s too loose and falls down easily.
  • DO ensure the nose piece is tightened and there are no gaps on the side.
  • DON’T share your facial covering with others.
  • DO use it. Every day. Indoors and outdoors.
  • DON’T touch it once it’s on your face. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer to disinfect​ if you do touch it.

3. Remove

  • DON’T wear a reusable mask more than once before cleaning it.
  • DO remove the mask with the ear loops or string without touching the the mouth piece. Be careful to avoid touching your face as well.
  • DO fold the outside corners together.
  • DO place disposable masks in the trash and reusable masks in the washing machine.
  • DO wash your hands immediately after removing.

More questions? The CDC’s got you covered with more info.

Hannah Frier | Marketing