Spanish and Portuguese Open Tutoring Center (SPOT)


SPOT (Spanish and Portuguese Open Tutoring) is a free student service offered by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese which strives to enhance students’ performance and proficiency with the language. Free drop-in tutoring is available for elementary and intermediate level students enrolled in SPN 101- SPN 311. All students enrolled in Spanish, at any level, are encouraged to drop-in to practice and converse with a tutor to work on speaking and conversational skills.  Writing consultations are also available for those enrolled in SPN 311 and above, by appointment only, to enhance student writing, at any stage of the process.  In addition to the services above, SPOT is excited to welcome an advisor from the College of Arts and Sciences, to address CAS specific requirements and issues, and a University librarian to provide information to library services and resources during Drop-in hours.  See the Calendar for Drop-in opportunities, or schedule a writing consultation, and stop by and see us.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions about our services at 

Also, to ensure that the services provided by SPOT are meeting the needs of our students we ask that you please take the time to complete the form on our feedback page once you attend a session.

Irvin Hall 36
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
400 East Spring St.
Oxford, OH 45056
Phone: (513) 529-4500

SPOT Mission Statement

  • Provide all students with free educational services to enhance their exposure to the language and learning experience.
  • Offer students guided practice and constructive corrective feedback in order to improve their language proficiency.
  • Create a safe and comfortable environment to allow for oral production and practice using the target language. 
  • Assist students in becoming more independent learners through discussing and advocating effective study strategies.
  • Foster an open, positive, supportive learning environment in order to help students thrive academically.
  • Develop and aid with the process of writing and the skills necessary for improvement and growth. 
  • Provide opportunities for Sigma Delta Pi honor students serving as tutors, through faculty mentoring, professional development opportunities and support from Spot Coordinator.
  • Continually develop the services and quality of the SPOT program in order to provide the best experience possible for our students.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are enrolled in 101-311, there is no sign-up necessary for open tutoring hours or conversational practice with the target language. Sessions are available during the open hours of the tutoring center on a first-come first-serve basis. Sessions are 20 minutes long and you are limited to one session per day. Writing consultations require pre-registration, and students can sign up for an appointment directly, on the current SPOT Schedule. 

SPOT is located in Irvin 36 on the ground floor.  Come see us soon!

Remember that tutoring is a partnership. As a student, there are a few simple things you should do to get the most out of the time you spend with your tutor. Bring the text for your course, any class notes, and additional materials necessary. Create a plan for how you want to use your tutoring session to make it as productive as possible. Come in with specific questions/material you’d like to work on Attempt the homework/assignment PRIOR to your session so you have the necessary foundation to discuss the material with your tutor. If oral practice and production is your focus, come prepared to discuss a particular topic of interest, theme, or grammatical structure in the target language.   

Our tutors are here to help, and may address questions related to your class level and can provide you with additional practice materials and explanations of complex grammatical concepts. They are also available to practice conversational skills and provide guidance during the writing process.  Your tutor may go over your study habits, provide outside resources, and provide suggestions for improvement.  Your tutor however may NOT complete assignments for you or give you the correct answers.

  • Review the material presented in class on a regular basis or daily. You can also consult our materials page for additional resources and practice.
  • Attend all class sessions and take notes. Take advantage of class time and actively participate in Spanish.
  • Always complete all assigned homework on time and stay up to date with the course schedule.
  • Attend your instructor’s office hours in order to go over your progress, discuss your grades and review material.
  • When in doubt, ASK! Raise your hand in class if you’re having trouble following or don’t understand something.
  • Aural comprehension is key, and can be practiced outside of class by listening to your favorite types of music, in Spanish, and by watching movies, television or news programs in Spanish with English subtitles.
  • Attend events sponsored on campus, and in the community, relating to the Spanish Language and Culture when possible. 

Other departments should follow example of SPOT tutoring

By Editorial Editors
The Miami Student
Published: Thursday, January 27, 2011
Updated: Thursday, January 27, 2011 22:01

Miami University’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese is debuting a new walk-in tutoring program, Spanish and Portuguese Opening Tutoring, otherwise known as SPOT. This program will allow students in introductory Spanish courses to gain personalized help from language professors on a walk-in basis.  

The editorial board of The Miami Student is extremely excited about this new option. Especially for foreign languages, in which success is based on repetition and practice, the opportunity to receive efficient and specialized tutoring is very beneficial for students. As the Rinella Learning Center offers extensive, but limited resources, another available option will help students fully make use of tutoring services. In addition, because foreign language courses are requirements for many majors, offering open assistance for introductory levels is a wonderful idea.

Spanish courses are often heavy in workload and can be challenging. Providing an opportunity to have questions answered by several different professors could supply a fresh perspective for students who may require a diverse teaching style. The open office hours will also greatly accommodate busy schedules and further encourage students to seek guidance when needed.

Introducing a new plan to help students truly shows the Department of Spanish and Portuguese’s commitment to teaching and student success. The fact that teachers listened to student needs and responded to them is admirable and promising. Students should certainly take advantage of the opportunity to seek help from professors, especially as it is designed specifically to make getting guidance from teachers easy and informal.

While this type of open tutoring may not be viable for other courses, the board continues to encourage professors and departments to look into ways to better student achievement. Miami has a record of excellent teaching performance, and it is necessary to work hard to retain this distinction. SPOT is definitely a step in the right direction. Muy bueno.

Current SPOT Schedule

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