Nyajuok Deng’s Continuous Journey

Profile Text: Nathaniel Hieber Audio and Interview Contributor: Hunter Vasey Photographs provided by Nyajuok Deng Nyajuok Deng was born in migration. Her family, which came from South Sudan, was forced to leave the country due to its second civil war. Lasting almost twenty-two years, the war only officially ended in 2005. Estimates for the number […]

Pom Kavan and the Search for Home

Profile Text: Olivia LeRoux Audio Highlight: Morgan Krull Photographs: Morgan Krull Pom Kavan can tell you firsthand about the horrors of crossing the Mekong River as a young girl. However, if you’re looking for Kavan these days, you’ll find her behind the wheel of a police cruiser on the streets of Storm Lake. Kavan’s love for […]

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