NMRPipe is a software system for working with NMR data.

A module file is not available for NMRPipe.  The software can only be used with the Linux csh shell.  To setup the software, execute the command:
source /software/NMRPipe-201109/com/nmrInit.linux9.com

To make use of the additional DYNAMO components:
source /software/NMRPipe-201109/dynamo/com/dynInit.com

Website: http://spin.niddk.nih.gov/NMRPipe/

Installed versions:  5.1 Rev 2010.073.21.00

Acknowledgement: Available

F. Delaglio, S. Grzesiek, G. W. Vuister, G. Zhu, J. Pfeifer and A. Bax: NMRPipe: a multidimensional spectral processing system based on UNIX pipes. J. Biomol. NMR. 6, 277-293 (1995).

Licensing:  Restricted to non-commercial use.