Taking a personality test is an evaluation of your personality. There are a variety of personality characteristics that may be measured on each exam. In the workplace, this may be done to see whether your personality is in line with the company’s needs. People have been using psychological assessments for a long time.

The Hogan Personality Assessment is one of these important evaluations. This page will explain what the exam entails, how it evaluates a person’s work performance and other details.

What’s the purpose of the Hogan Personality Inventory?

If you are looking for an assessment of a person’s “bright side,” the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) is a good place to start.

Employers may utilize HPI to see whether an applicant is a good fit for a certain position. If you’re applying for a job in which particular personality qualities are required, this might be useful information to have.

Hiring managers might use it to locate employees who have the potential to advance in their current positions and in the firm as a whole. By ensuring they recruit someone who is a good match, companies save time and money.

The exam may be used as a pre-screening tool before you even enter the first stage of the interview process. The hiring manager may wish to cut down on the number of interviews by doing a personality assessment before the interview.

What Is the HPI Process?

For a total of 220 questions, it takes 15–20 minutes to complete. Once the exam has been completed, the findings will be instantly accessible to the employer or whoever ordered the evaluation.

Nothing obtrusive or intrusive is involved; the replies don’t have to be correct or wrong. This means that many of the “ideal” answers are influenced by the job for which a candidate is being tested.

How the HPI assesses

At its finest and under control, the Hogan Personality Inventory exam helps to identify a person’s greatest attributes, and it may be used to identify how a person’s personality can be improved.

Small to medium-sized firms often employ the Hogan evaluation as part of their hiring process. The employer will be asked what function the exam will play in the employment process when it is designed by Hogan assessments.

To ensure that you have enough time to prepare for an HPI before the interview process, it is important to know whether you will be required to take one prior to the interview.

Aspiration; Approachability; Social competence; Temperance; Inquiry; Learning technique; Adjustment are all taken into consideration.

Additionally, the HPI examines applicants on six occupational scales, which include:

·       Tolerance for stress

·       Customer-centricity

·       Possibility of clerical work

·       Reliability

·       The potential for sales

·       Possibility of management

Despite the fact that candidates may not desire a low score, it may not be beneficial to score either too high or too low for specific attributes.

While a certain amount of ambition is a plus, it might be seen as hostile if expressed in an overzealous manner. When it comes to their coworkers, this might have an influence.

In what ways can I get myself ready to take the HPI?

Preparation for the HPI examination is important regardless of the number of personality tests that one has taken before.

Here are some ideas for preparing ahead of time.

·       Learn about the kind of questions you’ll face, the length of the exam, and the number of questions you’ll face.

·       Take a look at the original job description for a list of required skills and abilities. When you’ve done this, think about how your soft skills are applicable to the work and what personality attributes are necessary to succeed in it.

·       Practicing for tests is a good idea. Questions for the exam may be found on the internet. Continue until you are comfortable answering all of the various sorts of questions.·       Inquire about the test’s importance to the remainder of the employment process with the recruiter or hiring manager at the company.