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Switch from traditional reading to online reading

Traditional reading can be interesting and also gives aesthetic vibes. People who are aged, they like traditional reading more. But this thought can be changed as online reading gives more comforts. You don’t need to buy expensive books every month instead you can spend this money somewhere else. You can buy Manga online and can feel the whole new vibe with the dictionary as an integrated option.

 Your reading can become effortless, it’s all upon you how wisely you choose, but reading online can also save your time which means no matter if you get ten minutes a day, you can keep the book along with you and utilize that time.


The comparison between the prices and comforts of traditional and online reading varies a lot. They are two different phases especially when it comes to the price of Mangakakalot books, the online subscription would be equal to the price of two-three books. Now you can have the idea of a comparison between the two. Apart from the contemporary vibes of the traditional books e-books are far better than the, which allow you to search the meanings without any hard copy of those thick dictionaries. 

An inbuilt dictionary is the best option you will ever get in e-books, as it will reduce the effort of manually searching the meaning of a word. You can search the word meanings in any language because Manga books are also available in more than fifty languages.

Mobility at its best

Do you feel stressed whenever you want to go to a library with your books? It generally happens with everyone taking a heavy bag full of books is a difficult task. The cover of the book is very thick which also has lots of weight comparatively. In such a case, the mobility of e-books works better. You can just pick your device and move out. 

Also, you can download as many books as you want to. This will not create any burden or weight on your shoulder. Mangakakalot books are frequently updated and whenever a new one is released in the market, you will get it first whereas traditional books take days or months to reach worldwide.

Informative embedded links

You will notice a very important thing in online reading that is there would be links in the middle of the texts of Mangakakalot; these links contain the explanatory form or meaning of a word. From such links, you can learn information about a particular topic and they are genuinely highly informative. Apart from this, you can save these links for reading them afterward. These links would have the background knowledge of each term which will be very helpful for you to increase your comprehension skills.

Pursuing e-reading will change your life in all aspects, it will save your time too and you can stay productive even when you get time just for ten minutes. E-books are highly recommended for all the age groups as it gives you another level of comfort and satisfaction.

The Benefits of Being In A Home For The Aged

In the mind of popular culture, homes for the aged have become something of a punchline. The residences are drawn as places where the aged are cast out to be forgotten or left to live a mundane life. This picture could not be farther from the truth! Those existing in retirement communities in Philadelphia experience a high quality of life and vibrancy. Take a look at the benefits of the various locations.

Once arriving at assisted living in Villanova, minds tend to be immediately changed. Many prospective residents arrive with a bias in their mind and may not be happy at the prospective change in their home arrangements. It is a dramatic change in lifestyle and may be jarring at first. Once prospective residents have a tour and look around, they tend to immediately have a change in their tune.

How Things Have Changed

Retirement communities in Philadelphia are more akin to a luxury hotel these days, as opposed to the grey, sterile setting one may imagine. Inside the community, there are villas and apartments throughout so that residents can select residence arrangements that best suit their tastes and lifestyles. Visitors and residents can enjoy sprawling gardens, majestic trees, and manicured green lawns. The grounds and home arrangements are elegant and tranquil. 

When residents arrive, they quickly realize the advantages of being in a community full of people their own age, with much in common. An unfortunate statistic is that most adults over age 60 live in isolation and have persistent feelings of loneliness. This is not something to be glossed over, as feelings of isolation contribute to poor health and can lead to mental decline. In a facility, the aged are valuable members of their circles and have vibrant social lives. The residents have people to chat with and form important connections with all over the residences. They have opportunities to make new friends and maintain their livelihoods and a sense of purpose, which is vital to health. Many residents in the retirement communities in Philadelphia have lost their husbands and wives, which provides a support system of residents who understand what the other went through and approach each other with extreme compassion. 

Making A Transition

Transitioning to retirement communities in Philadelphia also creates a sense of security for an elderly loved one. Surviving alone in a traditional home opens up the possibility of any number of events going awry. This can range from slip and falls in the shower or on the stairs to cooking accidents in the kitchen. If they have a fall or fire at home, there is no one there to come to their rescue. Many residents agree that the sense of independence that comes from being alone is no longer worth the risk. With assisted living in Villanova, the residents always have a supportive staff or fellow residents around to ensure their safety and help when needed. Staff are expertly trained to handle medical emergencies, and the grounds are outfitted with bells or buttons that can alert help if needed. The grounds are also secured from outside threats and remain a private haven for residents. Residents can even go for a leisurely nighttime stroll in the summer with peace of mind. These heightened safety benefits give peace of mind to the residents and their families.

The heightened sense of safety for loved ones also extends to healthcare. The residents of assisted living in Main Line have quick and easy access to health care, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Oftentimes, the transition from a traditional home into 55 communities in Bryn Mawr is brought on by a decline in health or a sudden health crisis that takes some independence from your loved one. With this need in mind, we have nurses with specialized training, onsite pharmacies, and therapies such as massage available to maintain or boost the health of your loved ones. The elderly may not like to be forthcoming about this, but as they age, it may get harder to take public transit or drive. With the well-equipped facility, they never have to worry about commuting or mobility issues. The residences are outfitted with senior’s mobility in mind and serve as fully accessible assisted living in Main Line. 

These types of homes also ensure residents have a care-free livelihood! Some residents in assisted living in Villanova go so far as to say their home arrangements feel like an all-inclusive resort. Residents no longer have to worry about doing dishes, laundry, sweeping, and other household chores that get harder to complete as they age. Instead of worrying about cooking for one, residents have a menu to choose from instead. 

With all this time and energy freed up, residents can focus on exploring new activities and hobbies that they may not have had time for before. Residents also join to create a lively social scene where they can explore their interests and have access to activities and recreation that they may not have had access to before. With so much more free leisure time, residents can learn skills from each other and maybe even discover some hidden talents! There are also amenities offered, such as a pool and fitness centers to keep their physical health in tip-top shape, as well as amenities that nurture their spiritual and emotional sides, such as support groups and counseling. 

You want your loved ones to live well. The modern centers for the aged exceed expectations and deliver an exciting new chapter in the lives of your loved one. Instead of winding down, the arrangements offer a new experience with opportunities for meaningful connections and joy. The facilities will challenge what one thought they knew about assisted living in Villanova and reveal a wonderful community tailored specifically to your loved one. Your loved one will enjoy full freedom and be able to maximize their days and live to the fullest extent. 

How to Liquidate Assets When Closing a Business

Businesses close for many reasons, such as bankruptcy. Shutting down a business can be a long and tedious process, especially if bankruptcy is involved. If a company is shutting down with no potential buyer, there is the option to sell or liquidate business assets. Liquidating business assets might be a complicated process involving federal and state laws. Still, it’s necessary to make sure the business gets shut down correctly, and the owner gets the most money back from their assets. As always, it’s best to get the advice of a professional, such as an accountant or lawyer. It’s worth being informed about getting the best deal for assets while complying with laws and regulations.

Hire a Professional For Guidance and Support

Ask for assistance from a professional when closing a business to get the best advice on how to liquidate assets. A lawyer or an accountant can develop a closing plan for the company that follows the applicable laws and regulations. The company will want to move forward with a plan that will provide the highest return from their assets while paying off creditors. A professional can go over business documents to ensure that the closing plan abides by the business partnership agreement.

Have a lawyer carefully review state laws to determine whether the business needs to publish an announcement regarding its closing. The company may be required to post this announcement to notify potential creditors about the pending closure. A lawyer can review any loan agreements to understand restrictions or notification requirements on selling the business’s assets.

Further, a lawyer can help determine personal liabilities and exposure to the company closing. This will depend on the business structure, such as whether it is a corporation, a sole proprietorship, or a partnership. It might also be required to give creditors a certain amount of time to submit any debt claims. These creditors require an updated address on where to send the claims.

Reviewing and Repaying Debts 

After meeting with an attorney for advice on how to proceed, compile the necessary information regarding creditors and the amounts owed. This includes any business-related loans and accounts payable. The owner might be personally liable for specific debts. If the business has any collateral loans, these will need to be paid out first. Debts must be paid out before the owner receives any of the profits from assets. 

Taking Inventory of Assets

The next step is to take inventory of all of the business’s assets. Inventory includes intangible assets, such as unpaid debts owed to the company, money sitting in accounts, and deposits to be recollected. List all tangible assets, including equipment such as computers and work vehicles. Anything owned by the business can be sold, such as furniture from the office. Valuable decorations and trinkets can be sold at art auctions. If the owner is unsure of their values, art auctioneers will be able to advise on appropriate prices. Other business assets might include intangible assets, such as copyrights, logos, and patents. If there are any debts that are still outstanding to be collected by the business, it’s better to collect these debts before announcing that the business is shutting down. If these debtors refuse to pay the full amount, offer to accept a lower amount to satisfy their debts. 

Selling or Liquidating Assets

Determining how to sell the assets will depend on the type of inventory of the business. Whether working with estate liquidators or selling assets at California auctions, there are many different ways to liquidate assets if a company is shutting down.  The business might want to consider hiring an appraiser to come into the business and provide assistance with the best proceeding. Appraisers are experts at properly valuing business-related assets, from the standard items like office furniture to the more niche items like kitchen equipment.

If the business’s property is leased, the landlord might be interested in acquiring equipment. This especially applies to spaces that have been renovated to accommodate a specific type of business, such as industrial kitchen equipment. This will also avoid the need to pay for shipping costs for these typically larger items. In cases where the business is closing due to the owner’s death, consider working with estate liquidators to sell the decedent owner’s assets.

Other methods involve posting items online to sell. While this is not the best method for selling items individually, it might be work selling larger items in bulk online. For example, if a business is looking to invest in a ready-made setup, they might want to purchase the entirety of the business’s assets, including furniture and computers. This method might not generate the most return, but it will save time by selling everything as a single package.

It’s possible to sell smaller items online to appeal to a larger audience. Many online platforms make it easy to post and sell assets online. Using an online auction house is a good idea for those wanting to get the most return on their assets since items may start bidding wars if multiple people are interested. However, this is not the best option for people looking to quickly liquidate their assets, as selling online takes time with the bidding and shipping process. 

While shutting down a business can be a huge pain, it must get carried out correctly according to federal and state laws. After developing a liquidation plan with an accountant or lawyer, the plan can be presented to creditors. Before the liquidation plan can be carried out, those creditors must approve the plan. Secured and unsecured creditors will have different requirements; however, if the closing plan appears reasonable and demonstrates how the debts will be satisfied, the creditors will most likely permit the closing plan to proceed. After satisfying all debts, the former business owner can keep the remaining profits. There are several selling methods to explore for making the most amount of money possible when selling assets, thanks to the numerous online options that exist.

Higher Education Today Is Driven Forward By Digital Advancement

Higher education is one of those industries that tails behind an essential industry (i.e. compulsory education) and has been able to create its own life over the years. Since it was first introduced to the world so many decades ago now, higher education has managed to effectively and successfully go from strength to strength with relative ease and transparency, the likes of which has so largely been driven forward by ongoing pools of interest and investment that have allowed it to continue to function, flourish, and thrive tenfold. The world around us continues to function and thrive more in the direction of encouraging and empowering digitalisation and technological advancement forward, onward, and upward.

And the impact of all of this innovation has continued to empower and excite the modern world more all the time. It is a time of incredible amount of attention to detail and overall emphasis. And it is expected to be just the tip of the iceberg, which is so encouraging and enlightening at the same time. Today, higher education is in what is definitively its most advanced and enhanced age yet. There is quite a lot to be said about the incredible advancement and enhancement that has driven forward this new era. However, even more excitingly, if you can believe it, is the realisation and overall awareness that all that we have experienced and seen so far is just a taste of what is still to come. The best is still on its way. And that is incredibly exciting.

The digital era is impacting the entire world

Digital advancement is evidently becoming bolder and stronger all the time. Today, the digital era is impacting the entire world. As a result, we are seeing more of a steadfast commitment to the ongoing advancement and enhancement of the world around us. At any given point in time, we are seeing more determination that is driven towards the point of empowering the world to become bolder, better, faster, stronger, smarter, and more capable. Practically every aspect of life as we know it and every corresponding industry has been and continues to be impacted. Including, of course, international higher education. The digital era is well and truly impacting the entire world. And we are just now seeing it come to life.

Higher education is driven forward by digitalisation

In fact, higher education today (and education in general, for that matter) is driven forward by digital advancement more than ever. The realisation that the digital era could usher in the most accessible and inclusive era in not just higher education but education in general, has more or less introduced us to the ever expanding age of higher education that we are seeing begin to play out and span all around us. More than ever, there is the awareness and understanding that we are beginning to see the best of education come to light. And in so many ways, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Like never before, higher education is driven forward by digitalisation and technological empowerment, the likes of which continue to usher in remarkably exciting propulsions forward, onward, and upward. 

What can be expected in the future and beyond

There has been so much evolutionary process in education up until this point. In a world where we are becoming more focused on convenience and efficiency and quality of content and creation, it is no surprise that digitalisation in education is just getting started. Whether it is websites with inspiration for custom writing or the complete digital overhaul of higher education as it stands (to name just a few examples), the reality is that higher education is more driven by digital advancement today than it has ever been. And stepping into the future and beyond, it is expected (if not certain) that the best and brightest is still yet to come.

1.7 million Candidates waiting for Rajasthan Police Result

Rajasthan Police Constable Result 2021 will be going to be released soon. The exam was  conducted from 6 th November, 2020 to 8 th November, 2020. As per the latest news the result  will going to be released in the last weeks of January 2021. More than 16 lakh candidates have  participated in the exam which was held all three days. Each day the exam was held in two  shifts. Now, the department of Recruitment Board will announce the Rajasthan Police Constable  Cutoff Marks for all districts individually.  

It is a state government type of job which was conducted to fill 5000 vacancies. This exam was  conducted for filling up the post of Constable GD & Driver. The time duration of the examination  is 90 minutes, and it’s a type of written exam. The question booklet consists of 150 MCQs and is  of 75 marks. In this exam every correct answer carries 0.5 marks and for each incorrect answer  25% marks will be deducted. Huge number of General, OBC, SC, ST category candidates have  taken the exam.  

Selection procedure for Rajasthan Police Constable – 

The entire procedure for selection of a candidate is based on total marks that are secured by  him in some consecutive examinations. The exams are –  

1. Written exam  

2. Physical Efficiency Test (PET)  

3. Physical Standard Test (PST)  

4. Proficiency Test  

All those candidates who will qualify all the four exams, only they will be appointed in the post  of Constable GD and Driver.  

How to check Rajasthan Police Constable Result 2021 – 

● First you need to visit the official website. The link for official website is  

● Then you need to open recruitment and results tab.  

● Check the Rajasthan Police Result for Constable Examination 2020-2021.  ● Click on the result link and then entre name wise or roll number wise details.  ● Your result will appear on the screen, download it in the PDF format.  

Details on Rajasthan Police Bharti result consists of candidate’s name, roll number, exam  date/day, shift time, qualifying status, and marks obtained.  

Only those candidates will be able to appear for Physical Efficiency Test (PET) who will achieve  the required minimum qualifying marks. The minimum/ maximum Rajasthan Police Constable Cutoff Marks for Jaipur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Barmer, Bhilwara, Sawai Madhopur, Pali, and other  various other districts will be released soon. The official website for checking for cut off marks  is and .  

How to download Rajasthan Police Constable Cutoff Marks 2021 PDF – ● You need to visit the Government of Rajasthan website which is  ● Now click on the Recruitment of Police Constable option.  

● Click on the option Constable Exam Expected Cut off Marks link.  

● Enter the SSO ID login and password.  

● Submit the details asked and see the General, OBC, SC, ST qualifying marks.  ● Now for knowing the expected scores and results download a PDF of cut off marks.  

The expected cut off marks for general category is 60-70. The cut off marks are expected to be  out soon. 

Identify your first edition book

What exactly is a first edition book? This is a question that most of the inexperienced book collectors have. If you are collecting valuable books as a hobby or for a business, you will need to have a strong understanding on how to identify the first edition book. This understanding will help you to go ahead with the right choices at all times. Here are some useful tips that can help you with identifying the first edition books that are available for purchase out there.

What exactly is a first edition book?

As the very first thing, let’s take a look at the definition of a first edition book. Shapero says the first edition book is a book that is printed for the very first time and distributed for the very first time. In some of the instances, the authors don’t sell the first edition books. They will only distribute those books among the people they know, such as individuals who helped the author to write the book and publish the book. These books will fall under the categorization of first edition books as well.

In a first edition book, you will be able to content written in the original format as if the author gave them to the book publisher for publishing. For example, you will not be able to see any printing mistakes on the first edition book. These small factors make the first edition books so valuable. Hence, you can keep them in your mind and purchase first edition books that are available.

How can you tell whether you have a first edition book or not? 

Now you have a basic understanding on what a first edition book is all about. Along with that, you will need to understand on how to tell whether the book you have along with you is a first edition book or not. There are few steps available for you to follow and do it. In fact, you will need to pay your attention to few factors. Based on the outcome you get from those factors; you can confirm whether you have a first edition book or not. Here are the most prominent factors out of them.

The dates of the book

You will need to take a look at the date that you can see on the title page and compare that with the date that you can see in the copyright page. If these two dates match with each other, you are having a first edition book. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much about your book. However, these dates can differ in certain instances as well. Therefore, we recommend you take a look at the dates only as an indicator to see whether you are having a first edition book or not. You should not make decisions entirely based on this fact.

The numbers 

On the copyright page of a book, you will be able to see some numbers as well. These numbers will also be able to help you with understand whether a specific book is a first edition book or not. You will be able to see these numbers as a sequence. For example, it can be seen as 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 or 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1. In case if you can see 1 in the sequence, you will be able to take that as a sign indicating a first edition book. But you will be able to see some of the books having the sequence as 3 5 7 6 8 4.  This doesn’t contain the number 1. Hence, you will not be able to call it as a first edition book. Instead, you can call it as a third edition book.

The edition identifier 

The third factor you can use to confirm a first edition book is the edition identifier. Most of the publishers will clearly indicate the edition in the book in simple English. For example, you will be able to see the printing of words “First Edition”, “First Impression” or “First Printing” on the copyright page. 

This is a straightforward indication that refers to the fact on whether a book is a first edition book or not. Therefore, you are encouraged to take a look at this identifier and make a decision. The words you can see can sometimes be confusing. Hence, we encourage you to use this along with the other two factors that we mentioned above. Based on all the three factors, you can confirm the fact on whether you are dealing with a first edition book or not.

Why do you have to care?

As you can see, you will have to spend some time and effort to identify a first edition book. Now you must be wondering why you need to go through all this struggle to confirm whether a book is a first edition book or not. There are some reasons for it. 

The first edition books are the most valuable books that you can see under a specific title. If you are concerned about collecting valuable and rare books, you should always focus on the edition of it. The first edition book will also gain more value in the future when compared to the other editions of the book. There are lots of examples for such books. For example, the first edition of the Harry Potter book titled “Harry Potter and the Soccer’s Stone” is like 500 times more valuable when compared to the second edition. This is why you should care about the first edition books that are available for purchase.

Final words

We shared the three most important factors that any person can use to identify a first edition book. You can simply refer to these factors and spend your money to purchase the first edition books available for your purchase out there. 

Why to Prepare Balance Sheet Format?

Why do you need to prepare a balance sheet format for the Financial Reports of your Company? The purpose of this format is to record all financial transactions that have been made by your business. Allocate the income statement to the current assets and liabilities. This will enable you to make decisions as to how to handle your resources. It will also make it easier for your accountant or CPA to come up with the appropriate financial statements and reports.

Now that I explained what is the balanced scorecard, let us move on to answering the question, “Why to prepare a balance sheet format?” The main reason why to prepare for this is to keep track of your companies’ progress in financial analysis. By doing this, you can easily spot any wrong doing in your business and rectify it in a timely manner. By making use of the balanced scorecard, you can see at a glance where their strengths and weaknesses lie and are able to address these issues quickly.

One of the major reasons why you would want to use the balance sheet format is to present your income statement in a more user friendly manner. You can use different color coding for your financials to make it easier for people to read and understand. When people view your income statement, they can immediately determine the net worth, assets, liabilities and equity. By doing this, your company’s potential growth is easily determined.

The second reason why to prepare a balance sheet format is to enable your company’s management to determine how well their business is progressing financially. By doing so, managers can address any financial challenges that they may come across. They can also set short and long term goals for the company’s revenue and profit margin. The long term goal is to improve the company’s cash flow and expand its customer base. The short term goal is to cut costs and increase profitability.

The third reason why to prepare financial statements in a format that’s easy to understand is to allow your company to be able to develop and implement strategic plans. In doing so, you will be able to know the current state of your company’s finances. This will give you the power to make necessary changes that will help your company improve its profitability in the future. The strategic plan should be developed keeping in mind the company’s profit, assets, liabilities and capital. These will give you a clear idea on what you should do to improve your company’s profit margin.

If you are still confused on why to prepare a balance sheet format? You can find answers to all your questions and more over the Internet. There are lots of sites that offer detailed explanations of the process. They also provide sample statements that you can follow to prepare the documents. You can also get free tips and guides on how to prepare a complete balance sheet that will ensure accuracy.

12 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask About Social Media

C:\Users\HA VAN DONG\Downloads\famoid.jpg

Social media has become an integral part of our life these days. Recent numbers reveal that almost seven out of ten Americans prefer using social media on regular basis. Furthermore, almost 75% of the Facebook users open their profile at least once every day. These channels have now changed the way we communicate with friends and relatives. But even after enjoying several benefits of these social media channels, you may still have some questions in your mind that you are afraid to ask. 

In this article, we are breaking down some of the most embarrassing questions about social media to help you find reliable answers to them. 

Q1. Do I need to be active on all three platforms?

You might have heard that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are popular among business owners and professionals. These platforms help them gain higher credibility online. But a general question in every mind must be whether it is important to be present on all these platforms or not. Well, if you are a business owner, this decision is totally based on your niche audience. If the majority of them are available on Facebook, your main goal must be this platform only. On the other side, if as a research professional, you can find solid connections via LinkedIn. You can make a market analysis first to analyze which platform will be best for your specific goals and then create your profile accordingly.

Q2. What is hashtagging?

Hashtags are basically some keyword phrases that do not have spaces between words. These keywords have a # sign before them. Experts recommend them as the best choice to leverage a solid digital marketing strategy. They give your viewers a connectivity option between similar kinds or theme-based posts. General rules say that hashtag should not have punctuation.

Q3. What if I accidentally like a photo? Will they come to know even if I unlike it immediately?

Sometimes, linking photographs of someone whom you are stalking secretly online turns out to be very embarrassing. It happens with many of us and sometimes we end up liking the photo of our ex on Facebook or Instagram. Unfortunately, social media sends an immediate notification to others when you like their photo, and even if you unlike it afterward, the original notification will not be changed. So, there is no way to erase this information. 

Q4. Will another person know if I block them?

This completely depends upon which platform you are using. For instance, the algorithms on Instagram and Facebook do not alert users if someone has blocked their profiles. They simply hide the person whom you are interested to ignore. But in the case of Twitter, a person will receive a specific message when they visit a profile that has blocked them. In case if you are not able to locate the profile of someone you know very well on Facebook but it disappeared somewhere, possibly they have blocked you. 

Q5. What exactly social media websites, such as Facebook know about me?

You might have already heard that social media sites may use your personal information for business needs. Well, this is true. Facebook already says that the data of users can be sold to some advertisers so that they can receive promotional messages of relevant brands. As this social media website is working with some business mindset, they give more importance to the location, age, sex, and specific interests of individuals. 

Q6. Is it okay to share content or news from other sources?

In simple terms – Yes. You can use posts from some other users or company pages and share them via your profile without worrying about any legal issues. In fact, this is an integral part of the social media communications here people keep on sharing each other’s posts. The same strategy is followed by business owners to spread awareness about their brand in the market. 

Q7. If I save someone’s post, will they get notified?

The answer to this question is again dependent on the platform that you are using. Instagram doesn’t bother if you save or take a screenshot of someone’s post. This platform doesn’t even send alerts to the original owner of the content regarding your screenshots. But if this action is with respect to the stories that expire over time, the users will receive an alert for the same. However, this is not the same on Twitter and Facebook platforms. It is possible to capture a screenshot of a live video or Facebook story without letting the other person know about it. 

Q8. Can someone come to know if I search their profile?

We all do this at some stage and this may sound very embarrassing if the other person gets notified about your secret visit to their profile. But thankfully, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter do not alert other users if someone has visited their profile. This history stays within your account only. On the other side, the LinkedIn platform is designed for building professional relationships, and therefore, the algorithms here send instant alerts to other users regarding your profile visits. 

Q9. Is it possible to stop seeing someone’s post without even unfriending them?

Sometimes, we cannot unfriend a person whose repeated posts appear annoying to us. But it is possible to get rid of all the drama by simply unfollowing that person. When you unfollow a person, their posts will no longer appear on your timeline and the best part is that other people will have no idea about what you did. 

Q10. Can people see embarrassing posts that I have already deleted?

The great news is that all social media platforms give users complete authority to decide the visibility of their posts. If you delete some posts, they will no longer be visible to anyone. However, if someone has captured screenshots of those posts, that may still be a trouble for you. 

Q11. My social media handles must be consistent?

Yes. Your social media handles must be consistent so that other people and clients can recognize your profile with ease. There are so many profiles and pages that have a common name; in this scenario, social media handles play an important role to identify the right person online. 

Q12. What is the best time to post on social media?

If you are an individual using social media for fun, there should be no time-related restriction for your posts. But if you are running a business on social media; it is important to be specific about the timing of your social media posts. They may be aligned to the time routines of your target audience so that you can receive enhanced visibility. You can also take help from professionals at Famoid to make the best decisions about the timing and quality of your social media posts.

The Science of Hashtags – How to Pick the Right IG Hashtags to Get Noticed

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Hashtags aren’t just cool because they look like waffles or highlight a text out of the basic paragraph. There is something special about hashtags that has got the whole world hooked, and no social media post bound to make an impact can roll without a hashtag.  What is so special about hashtags that allow the user to be attracted and brands to be recognized? 

The trend arising from Twitter is now part of almost every social media platform except for LinkedIn, which is not such a huge fan of Hashtags. While Hashtags are common, they are important in forming a category and targeting focus keywords. The science of hashtags says that by defining a category through hashtags in your product, you are visible to anyone interested in that particular hashtag. 

This is a great relief because if you want to compete, you need to sit among your competitors and convince your audience why you are the best. Research has provided evidence of how hashtags play a vital role in maximizing audience engagement through smart keyword placement. The best idea is to use your primary keyword as a hashtag this will increase your chances of being searched.

However, you need some practice to learn about keyword placement, for starters you can check online tutorials and websites such as Crovu

How to Use Hashtags

Now when it comes to using hashtags, there are certain rules and regulations on how these symbols are best incorporated for better results. For example, there is a certain rule on the hashtag density and exceeding that number, not only you could become too desperate to be noticed, but your content also loses the value to be understood. 

Hashtag Density

As the customers are more attracted to being understood and heard and sense that a brand is working for its benefit solely, they feel fear. This sense of fear causes them not to rely on the brand. 

Even though business wills to rule the market using the hashtag, it should be wise. We recommend using 2-4 hashtags that are popular, several 4-6 hashtags that lie in the mid-range of popularity, and approximately 1-3 hashtags related to the particular niche. Just don’t forget to tag your branded hashtag in the post. 


A word that fits your brand and comes into your mind as the ultimate target research might be relevant to your goal, but if most of the audience isn’t fond of it, don’t go for it! Locating the right hashtag is a tricky job, and you need to be strong with your research game. Start by analyzing how your competitors act in the market and take inspiration from the best; jealousy is a negative emotion. In this case, it’s pretty detrimental. 

Secondly, find your audience’s interest no matter how far from your interest; you just need to be attentive to your audience’s needs. 

Hashtags for Instagram

The latest marketing world is making use of every social media platform to engage with the audience, but nothing is like Instagram marketing. Instagram is full of influencer marketing and popular to provide close interaction with the customers. Users find it as a window to stay connected to their favorite personalities and their desired brands. 

And when it comes to making an impact, no Instagram post is complete without a hashtag. Moreover, when someone needs to search for something on Instagram, there is a whole separate thread to go with the relevant hashtag. Talk about target research. 

Now you must be thinking if I have to get noticed on Instagram, I better impact. A whole sea of hashtags in my content that is bound to drive the right audience in one way or another. It is important to know that Instagram hashtags can make or break your entire marketing plan. 

You incorporate them wisely, and you get good results. Audiences are driven to your page like crazy, and you use them wrongly; not only you look needy, but you also get penalized by Instagram’s algorithm. Yes, Instagram realizes when you are trying to just barge in without any serious efforts. 

Choosing the Right Hashtags for Instagram

Don’t worry; this Instagram hashtag guide is just what you need; we don’t mean to freak you out but help you get at the top of your business game. 


The Number one formula is to get in the shoes of your audience. We don’t mean literally but in the sense of changing perspectives. You are a brand, who knows about their product, who loves their product (attached and infatuated) because you developed it, you ideated and marketed it, but your audience is looking for their needs to be met. 

They don’t care whether you spent years coming up with the right recipe or spent hundreds of dollars on the design. If it doesn’t seem right to them, they won’t buy it. So how to make them think you are the right choice for them? 

Be there where they are searching. Simple as that. Your hashtag should not be about your product but about what your customer needs from that product. 

Another trick is not to be one of the many. Sure, you want to dive in, dive right, but with too much crowd, chances are you might go unnoticed. 


The size of the hashtag is one of the most important features. Think it objectively, when you search for a product or a topic of interest, your habit is to type the minimum number of words possible. As humans, it is our nature to give as little as possible and get as many as possible. 

If you go for too big hashtags, you are at greater risk of being left out. If you go with too simple, you are surely going to be dumped in between the crowd. Start by typing your hashtag in the search bar and see the number of posts on that particular hashtag. 

Anything from 20,000 to 500,000 posts can be a hit spot for you, your luck! Anything under or greater than that have a higher probability of being in the outliers, thus ignored!


The Major Category then your specialized category. You have to be specific yet vague about your product. Start by the category, then dive into the subcategory. For example, if you target kids’ clothes and accessories, you may want something like #fashionkids. As to give away some information but not reveal it all. 

What is GMAT and Why is it Required?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a very famous method by which one can acquire a spot on an MBA course. 

What number of business colleges acknowledge the GMAT today? 

Roughly 1,700 universities and authorize instructive establishments around the globe acknowledge scores of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) as a feature of the passage standards for their MBA courses. Among these are the main instructive establishments – Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cambridge and Oxford which, alongside different programs, additionally spend significant time in business, management and related fields. These are only a couple of the lofty universities that offer a wide scope of MBA programs, places for which can be acquired through scoring profoundly (for the most part more than 650) on the GMAT. More than 6,000 graduate business programs either acknowledge or require the GMAT for admission to the course. You can find best institutes for the preparation of GMAT Singapore

History of the GMAT 

The MBA was spearheaded by Harvard University in 1908 and in that year with its own inward looking framework. The GMAT, since its introduction to the world in 1953 has been offering business colleges a state sanctioned test structure which can be utilized to assess applicants’ fitness for business and management related training. Earlier alluded to as the ATGBS (Admissions Test for Graduate Study in Business (ATGSB), the GMAT was from the outset simply intended to be deciphered by nine US business colleges – Columbia, Harvard, Northwestern, Rutgers, Seton Hall, University of Chicago, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania and Washington University in St. Louis. The name GMAT was presented in 1976. 

How has the GMAT formed into what it is today? 

The GMAT has changed a ton in its style and conveyance throughout the long term. In 1992, the Analytical Writing Assessment area was acquainted with the test. In 1998, the test became PC versatile. As a result of a swindling embarrassment in 2008, all GMAT members are presently needed to take palm vein checks to ensure that they are not sitting the test for other MBA candidates. 

What abilities does the GMAT survey? 

As per GMAC the GMAT test evaluates critical thinking, rationale, and basic thinking aptitudes. These abilities are canvassed in four distinctive test segments: Integrated Reasoning (IR); Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA); Quantitative Section; Verbal Section. 

How do we work together to use GMAT scores? 

66% of GMAT candidates score between 400-600, and the normal score is 547. Most MBA programs require a score of 550 in any event 550. Extremely high GMAT scores start from 650. In the US, the most noteworthy normal GMAT score has a place with the MBA understudies at Stanford University, which holds a great 733. Stanford University was likewise noted for having acknowledged an up-and-comer who scored a 570, and they have additionally selected competitors who procured an ideal score of 800. Other top business colleges likewise have a wide reach GMAT scores.