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How To Combat Detox Symptoms

The word on the street is that detox is excruciatingly painful and uncomfortable, so how true is this? Addicts to drugs and alcohol always find an excuse in this statement in that they rather stick to the habit rather than feel the pain for a few days. Do you think that is wise, no pain, no gain, right? So if the means is a short duration of discomfort to an end of clean and sober life, wouldn’t you do it?

Any sound-minded person who wants a better life free from alcohol and drug dependency should be willing to make the sacrifice because it is worthwhile. Below are few tips you can use to ease the detox symptoms, which; you must realize that they are not a copy-textbook and everyone’s story is unique. All in all, here they are:

Be mentally prepared 

Sure, it can be scary at first but setting up your mind that you will do it is the first step to getting clean. Detox from drugs is not an easy battle to fight, but it can be won with the right mindset. So, do your research, ask questions, and do any other thing necessary to get first-hand information on the procedures and what is expected al through the process to getting fully detoxified.

Take medication given

Once you get to the withdrawal phase, you might start second-guessing your decision, but that is just the hardest part that you will be over soon. Luckily, you may be handed out some medicines to help you counteract the painful and uncomfortable symptoms thanks to modern medicine. When you are handed out these pills, make sure you diligently take them.

Drink lots of water and try to eat

The human body is a very sophisticated system that works to repair itself even in the most challenging situations like detoxification. And since you are getting rid of harmful substances, you should do anything possible to speed up this process. Two main ways to do this are eating healthily and drink lots of water. Water is essential as it cleans the liver and kidneys, which are the most affected by drug and alcohol consumption. When you do these two plus append in a few exercises to sweat out the toxins, you may have a shorter healing period.

Get sufficient sleep

The body does the most healing and recuperation when we rest, and so when you have the chance to rest, take it. Sometimes you may face issues finding sleep, which is possibly one of the withdrawal symptoms you may face. In those cases, you may be given medication to aid in sleeping, take them.

Look for distractions

Focusing your mind on the pain makes the pain seem worse than it really is. Know of the maxim; an idle mind is the devil’s workshop? If you are idle, all you will think about is how to get out and get a fix. But if you occupy yourself with something like painting, exercising, or listening to music, you may stay clear from the painful withdrawal symptoms’ or discomfort.


It may feel like hell at one point, but you will emerge better with a new and clean body. 

How to Fact Check with Google Reverse Image Search

While uploading a picture, you might get doubtful whether it is already uploaded on the World Wide Web or not. Fortunately, there is a quick and direct way to do that. Using image search by picture tools can help you see where else it has been published online.

This will help you know whether it’s an old picture or an idea with a similar context. There are several image search engines and online tools you can use to do photo-based browsing. If you want to use reverse image search straight away, click and follow these steps:

Step 1: Run pictures through search engines

You can upload photos directly or provide a URL of the sample pictures to reverse image search engines. If you use the Google Chrome browser, then these photo finders do not only fetch results from Google’s database but also look for similar images from Yandex and Yahoo libraries.

Step 2: Investigate the results.

Reverse picture search utilities will draw a list of links where images have been published online. Scroll through the results and download the one which matches your concerns. The best part of this image search will provide you with results from the leading search engine database.

Know the Original Context of any Photo

In some cases, you will find that the image is taken from the original context. For example, it might be a photo from the news agency, but the person who posted it on social media changed the description to look like it showed different events or taken elsewhere. This utility will help you find the real picture.

In other cases, someone who posted pictures on social media can claim that the photo shows the latest events. However, when you run it through a reverse image search, you note that this image is published on another website a few months or last year. In this way, you can identify forged pictures.

Significance of Reverse image search

Instead of typing words, one can upload photos to this web-app, and the database will when and where the sample picture was uploaded. Using this online utility is valuable for three reasons:

· This might connect you with the top facts that are related to the photos.

· It can connect you to the original photo source and the owner too.

· This will provide a better timeline when the photo is taken.

It will display the sample photo’s forensics with more subtle manipulation. It often needs the expertise to use such photo finders but the latest utilities have made it easier than ever before. Even the verification teams also recommend using image search tools for resource confirmations of each photo.

People must be very skeptical of the image if there are no sources registered. There is no need to be worried because now you can easily find any stolen photo. This will allow you to decide whether any photo is legally used or you need to take serious action against it.

Analyze the authenticity of images

You may have seen the same picture on different platforms. Now the question arises, how can you find that which source is correct? Is the photo original or monitored by several imitators? Reverse image search can be a game-changer in this case. It will help you to find out all relevant information about images in a short time.

When using social media, you might have to go through a situation where you find a suspicious account, and you cannot recognize that the profile is fake or not. But, now, you can solve this problem by doing an inverted photo search.

If you have multiple pictures and want to know more about each of them, you would have to type the appropriate keywords in the search bar. However, this method becomes ineffective if you don’t know the right keywords. That’s where you can get help from the photo search tools.

Your opponents can steal your ideas and apply them to their business. The best way to be aware of their tricks is to use image search tools, which allow you to detect all platforms that use your content without your permission.

Using Photo Finders Online

Browsing data via photos is a way a worthy mechanism to try than relying on a text-based query. You will never encounter compatibility problems using this reverse picture tool. You can use this web-based image lookup utility on laptops, PCs, Apple devices, and Android easily.

Follow these simple steps for free image search:

  • Upload images from Desktop, Mac, or cellphone
  • You can also copy and paste the image URL in the browse bar
  • Select the ‘Find a similar image’ button to begin browsing


When you have lots of visual content you want to search for, that’s when the search with pictures tools come to help you. You can upload photos as search queries and get all the relevant information in the flash of an eye.

What Is the bitcoin Process?

There are many things that make up the world economy today, but one has to consider if there would even be a currency if not for the virtual currency that is called “bitcoins”. One of the main reasons that people are becoming interested in this form of money is because they are highly resistant to theft and fraud. bitcoins are extremely private and therefore, very difficult to steal or fraudulently register. This is what makes this digital currency stand out from all others.

The bitcoin system is made up of a ledger called the “bitcoin ledger”, which records all transactions that are done throughout the bitcoin network. Each transaction that is done on the bitcoin protocol is recorded in the block chain. The bitcoin protocol was released in 2021 with the intention of giving users of the internet the ability to transact with each other online. bitcoin is actually a digital currency that does not have a physical commodity like gold, silver or copper. However, it is widely known as the” bitcoin” due to a certain reference in the bitcoin roadmap to the mascot for the project, a cartoon character named” bitcoin”.

Unlike traditional currencies, bitcoins are created through a complex mathematical algorithm. The bitcoin software is designed to make sure that there is a constant amount of supply and demand for this virtual currency. As more users come online to take advantage of the benefits that bitcoins offer, the value of the bitcoins starts to increase. In just over a few months, the value has reached an all time high of about forty dollars US each. This is not surprising because the software that makes this possible was in development for about three years, during which it was constantly upgraded by various researchers.

The bitcoins distributed throughout the network are not controlled by any government or central bank. This contrasts significantly with traditional money which are often controlled by banks and other large institutions. Because of the decentralized nature of the bitcoin system, nobody can manipulate the supply or demand of this highly liquid asset.

Unlike regular currencies, such as United States dollars, bitcoins are not issued from a central bank. Instead, new bitcoins are created through a process called “mining”. Mining is the procedure used to record the cryptographic keys that make up the identity of every single bitcoin ever issued. Because the mining activity is performed by users worldwide, the currency is technically never-ending and is referred to as a” Cryptocurrency” rather than a” fiat currency”.

Developers around the world have been working hard to improve the security and efficiency of the bitcoin protocol. There are currently about fifty digital currencies running on the bitcoin network. One of the biggest advantages of this form of currency is that it allows users to transact without depending on third-party payment processors like credit card companies. Many people use bitcoins to make payments for items such as insurance premiums and home loans. The ability to make instant purchases without the need for a financial institution is what is driving the rise in popularity of this form of virtual money.

Will COVID-19 Create A New Class Of Digital Nomads?

Digital nomads aren’t new. With careers tied to the rise of remote work, the category has traditionally encompassed travel and food writers, freelancers, and other entrepreneurs without ties to a particular destination. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, however, many people who previously worked from conventional offices were suddenly released from those bonds. Unable to report to the office even if they wanted to, even full-time employees were suddenly free to work from anywhere. The question is, how long will this new normal last?

Evaluating The Options

When workers opt for a more mobile lifestyle, they actually have to make many decisions, the first of which is where to go. For many, though, the whole point is not to choose, but rather to explore different destinations, and often destinations with a lower cost of living than the United States. In some cases, these countries – places as different as Estonia and Barbados – even encourage workers to come to the country by offering targeted visas designed to encourage longer work stays. This is particularly true of countries that ordinarily rely on tourism as a key part of their economies.

Of course, not every digital nomad opts to go abroad when they pull up their roots. Instead, they may opt to adventure within the country, and real estate investors should pay attention to this trend. In particular, a growing number of remote workers are opting to rent rural getaways, at least for shorter periods of time, so that they can escape crowded cities but also commute back as needed.  

A Market For Nomads

In addition to countries that offer special visas for foreign workers, there are several other ways to accommodate – and attract – the newest generation of digital nomads. On the domestic front, this may include ensuring short-term rentals are designed for moderate length stays, rather than only brief vacations, and that all rentals include office accommodations and high-speed internet. It’s also worth considering location spread. Investing in holdings in both rural or suburban locations, as well as smaller urban units designed for workers traveling back for meetings.

Changing Rental Norms

Another challenge that real estate professionals need to contend with to accommodate this new mobile class of workers is how to promote properties, screen tenants, and handle these mid-term arrangements. After all, there are norms for traditional housing rentals, and there are platforms like AirBnB that are optimal for short-term rentals, but longer or recurring rentals can be more complicated to handle. What’s the best management strategy?

For those interested in renting to digital nomads, one important step is to employ a property management company that can handle screening, marketing, cleaning, and maintenance tasks. In terms of both background screening and support needs, workers staying at a property for a few months are more like long-term tenants than vacationers. But, from a profit perspective, managing these properties also requires a great deal of marketing labor. It’s not easy, but it can be quite profitable, especially for rural properties that may not have been especially appealing pre-pandemic.

A Time For Change

As with so much else right now, this is a moment of significant change for workers – and it’s also a period of evolution for the real estate groups that house them and provide. As businesses leave expensive cities behind and former office workers shift to full-time remote work, everyone involved needs to embrace new arrangements. If real estate investors can support the concept of the office as a destination, though, the concept of the digital nomad could become just the newest model of employment, like the gig economy and so many other iterations before it.

How can a Balance Sheet be used in the Valuation of a Business?

Are you an investor who is considering investing in a company, or maybe a business owner who is aiming to better organisational strategy? The balance sheet is one of the three cornerstones for assessing the financial health of a company, and is an excellent place to begin a business valuation. Most accounts can only prepare these financial documents, but assigning a value to the business on the basis of these reports is not a question they can answer. It is an important skill to build as a decision-maker, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we will begin with basics, teach you how to analyse a balance sheet and extract the important information. With this knowledge, you should be able to boost your business and become a market leader.

What is a Balance Sheet?

Say you wish to buy a company, you are not only buying its assets, but also its liabilities like debt. To weigh them both out on a single statement and check the company’s net worth, you can use a balance sheet. More technically, a balance sheet is a financial statement that, as of a particular date, reports the assets, liabilities and the owner’s equity. 

Balance sheets are not the assets or liabilities collected by a company in a particular period of time. They are a summary of the assets and liabilities acquired by the company since its inception. They act as a snapshot of a company’s financial position till the reporting date. 

What information do you get from a Balance Sheet?

If the balance sheet is used internally to the company, it is used to understand if your current strategy is working effectively, i.e. if your business is thriving or not. Based on this knowledge, further policies and approaches can be implemented. 

As an investor, however, the major question to answer is simply if the company is a good investment. Hence, one would be more interested in the resources available to the company and their source. 

Valuation of  a Business

In this section, we will see how to calculate some financial ratios from the balance sheet that will help you understand how to evaluate the strength of your investment. When it comes to evaluating a business through its balance sheet, the three major categories of measuring the investment quality, namely, asset performance,  short-term liquidity, and capitalization structure. 

Asset Performance

Asset performance is the ability of a business to convert operational resources into a profitable revenue. A business can be considered to have had a positive performance if they make a positive use of their assets. A study by ARC found that a poor management of asset performance brought down the sales revenue by a full 1.5%. The efficacy of the operations is measured in this category, how efficiently and quickly the operations are led into revenue. It is usually calculated over time to track the progress of the company. A higher asset performance can be driven by achieving a high return with the same assets, or by getting the same return from fewer assets.

The metrics that are associated with this category of investment quality check are those of cash conversion cycle, fixed asset turnover ratio, and return on assets ratio. 

  1. Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC)
    This is one of the key parameters that measure how well the company is able to manage its inventory and accounts receivable. This is measured in days, it is also called the operational cycle of a business.
    It includes three different counts of days, day sales outstanding (DSO), day payables outstanding (DPO), and day inventory outstanding (DIO). DSO is the average number of days it takes to receive the payment from the booking of the sales. DPO is the average number of days it takes the company to pay their supplier back. DIO is the count of days where the stock was still. 

Formula: CCC = DSO +  DPO – DIO
The lower the CCC, the better, as that means that the company has fast-moving cash, and that is always preferred. It is also suggested to look at the consistency and shortening of the CCC of a company over a few years, say 5- 10 years.

  1. Return on Assets (ROA) Ratio
    This ratio doubles as both a profitability ratio as well as an asset performance ratio. It demonstrates the net income earned for the assets in the company. The assets that are maintained by the company might have needed a large capital. This ratio gathers how well the asset is being used to generate a profit. 

Formula: ROA = Net IncomeAverage Total Assets

The higher the ratio, the better management of the company’s assets. It is best used as a historical comparative analysis of the same company.

  1. Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio

This asset is very much along the same lines of ROA, however it only considers fixed assets such as property, plant and equipment. These assets are capital intensive, and this ratio acts as a measure to check if they are being used efficiently. 

Formula: Fixed Asset Turnover = Net SalesAverage Fixed Assets

It might be considered a good decision if the company you invest in has a higher ratio as they are efficient in their operations. This ratio should be considered over different times as the equipment is also upgraded. The cost of upgrading should be justified by the growth in sales. 

Short-Term Liquidity

This is also called the net working capital. This is the term that represents the difference between the current assets like cash, accounts receivable, and inventories, and the current liabilities like accounts payable. This depicts the liquidity of the company and ensures short-term profitability. If a company has high short-term liquidity, they have a higher chance of growth than those without. 

The companies that have a negative net working capital are a bad investment as they do not show great potential to grow. However, a net working capital that is too high suggests bad things like the inventory is mismanaged, or cash is not being reinvested into the business. A net working capital that is just enough to manage its operational expenses and a bit more to invest in future possibilities is a nice spot to be.

This is an important parameter to consider before investing as theoretically, a company could go bankrupt even if it is profitable. This parameter informs us of the liquid cash available in the hands of the company. 


Short-term Liquidity = Current Assets – Current Liabilities

The terms on the right side can be found on the balance sheet within the assets and the liabilities sections respectively. 

Capitalization Structure

Cap structure is the proportion between debt and equity. The capital raised by a company can be done in two ways – by borrowing a loan (debt) or by having people buy shares (equity). Debts are usually taken out as a bond assurance. This debt-to-equity ratio matters as this affects many other factors like profitability and financial strength. Equity shares and bonds each have their own effect on the company’s finances, owing to different taxes paid and creation of an obligation for future revenues. 

Formula: Debt-Equity Ratio = Total DebtShareholder’s Equity

If a company has higher debt than equity, it has ownership, but there is an obligation to pay it back. This increases the leverage of the company, thus raising the risk of investment. For a company with higher equity, most of the ownership of the company belongs to the share owners. Equity is dilutive and does not demand much from the financial strength. 

The debt-equity ratio is also industry dependent. For example, in the tech industry, as there are fewer tangible assets as security for debt, the businesses are more equity-based. It is the polar opposite when it comes to the utilities business. 

Wrapping Up

Now that you have a better understanding of how to read and decipher balance sheets for valuing a business,  you’re now in a better position to assess the financial health of your company or that of one you intend to buy. Reading a balance sheet is such a crucial skill for anyone in the field of business, as it definitely helps in understanding how well a company is thriving. Deskera is an all-in-one platform that not only caters to the generation of your balance sheets, but to every other need you may have in other aspects of your business such as finance, operations, HR, etc. It has an intuitive dashboard that captures all of the essential information at a quick glance. 

Endocrinologists Recommend: How To Stay Healthy In Middle Age?

The human body operates functionally thanks to numerous systemic chemicals. One important grouping of these substances are called hormones.

Endocrine System Functions?

The endocrine system is a collection of hormone-producing organs and glands. These bodily components encompass a network that supplies hormones to other internal systems.

Hormones are classified as messenger chemicals transmitted to instruct the body’s cells to perform or cease certain actions. These substances can be further characterized based on the systemic tract they serve and the function they help carry out.

For example, common reproductive hormones include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Metabolic hormones, which help the body execute pertinent activities like digestion, include insulin. That said, other chemicals, such as human growth hormone, sometimes abbreviated as HGH, play an important part in stimulating a person’s physical development. If you considering HGH therapy in case of hormonal deficiency pay attention to Norditropin instructions, as one of the most commonly prescribed injection brands.

Specific Endocrine System Components

Numerous glands and organs compose the endocrine network including the:


Other important but lesser known endocrine system features include the pineal and parathyroid glands.

How Does The Endocrine System Function In Men And Women?

The bodies of both men and women incorporate many of the same endocrine network components, specifically those regulating functions like metabolism and numerous other crucial functions. However, the two sexes reproductive tracts are different.

Men are equipped with testicles and other features tagged with the responsibility of producing testosterone. This chemical is the chief male reproductive hormone. Testosterone stimulates a man’s sexual and physical maturity.

A woman’s primary reproductive organs are known as ovaries. These features produce a significant percentage of the body’s estrogen and progesterone concentrations. These substances foster the female’s sexual maturity and enable said gender to conceive and bear children.

Possible Endocrine System Problems

Endocrine system problems arise when associated components produce and secrete either too much or too little of the chemicals said units are charged with creating.

In addition to reproduction and metabolism, hormones execute critical roles in numerous crucial bodily operations such as:

*Cardiovascular function
*The breathing process
*Feelings, moods, and emotions
*Cognitive functions like focus and memory
*Stress regulation

Normal systemic hormonal balances are required at all times. When these levels fluctuate, stricken subjects may encounter various untoward and potentially serious physical, emotional, and mental manifestations.

Causes Of Hormonal Imbalances

Hormonal inequities may be precipitated by numerous causes including:


Age is amongst the more common factors impacting discernible decreases in systemic hormonal concentrations. This is particularly the case regarding reproductive hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

Women lucky enough to live into their late forties or early fifties will experience a natural life event called menopause. During this phase, her ovaries gradually stop producing estrogen and progesterone.

Eventually, said occurrences will preclude the impacted individual from becoming pregnant and elicit other bothersome symptoms, such as, sleep disturbances, increased perspiration, skin flushing, diminished libido, and wild mood swings.

Men slowly begin experiencing systemic testosterone declines in their thirties or forties. This event might result in untoward occurrences, including weight gain, decreased sex drive, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, and cognitive function struggles.

Endocrine System Disorders

Occasionally, hormonal imbalances can be attributed to diseases impacting certain endocrine system components. Relatively common or notable maladies include:

  • Hyper Or Hypothyroidism

Sometimes, the thyroid produces an excessive or diminished amount of thyroxine. This could yield numerous symptoms because thyroxine plays a part in countless body functions. 

  • Adrenal Insufficiency

The adrenal glands produce stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Decreased quantities of these substances could exert an adverse impact on kidney and cardiovascular functions.

  • Cushing’s Disease

This malady causes the adrenal glands to produce exorbitant levels of cortisol. Said condition places tremendous strain on the nervous, cardiovascular, and skeletal systems.

  • Acromegaly

This ailment is characterized by overproduction of human growth hormone, or HGH, by the pituitary. The bones and muscles of an afflicted subject grows at an astronomical rate.

  • Diabetes

The disease occurs when the pancreas produces too little or no insulin. This event has a profoundly adverse impact upon the body’s ability to properly process sugar. If left uncontrolled, diabetes can precipitate several potentially dangerous manifestations.

Natural Endocrine System Problem Prevention Techniques

Certain endocrine issues are unavoidable. However, some may be preventable provided individuals adhere to the following health-maintenance tips:

  • Consume A Healthy Diet

Practicing good dietary habits might help keep one’s hormones regulated. Specifically, individuals are encouraged to eat increased quantities of healthy fats, fish, green tea, and fiber-laden products like produce and wholegrain foods. On the flip side, sugar-rife foods, in addition to frozen, canned, and processed items should be avoided. 

  • Obtain Adequate Sleep

Sleep is critical to preventing excessive accumulation of stress hormones. Substances like cortisol and adrenaline may not only adversely impact one’s health but diminish the effectiveness of other hormones, most notably of the reproductive variety.

  • Exercise

Physical activity provides a healthy natural release of stress and the regulation of hormones released as a result of feeling such tension. Additionally, exercise helps one maintain a healthy weight. Medical professionals maintain that being overweight often contributes to hormonal irregularities.

  • Limit Bad Vices

Cigarette smoking and unrestrained alcohol intake introduces the body to hormone-balance-disrupting chemicals impacting several endocrine system units.

Work Priorities Courses

Whether you’re just beginning on your new career or looking for a way to move up the corporate ladder, a professional development course will help perk up your ability to progress yourself. It may teach you some of the fundamental skills needed in your current professional life or augment those you’ve already. There’s also the opportunity to develop and reinforce management and leadership abilities, or simply find out more about new career opportunities. The ultimate goal of any Professional Development program is to help you in realizing your goals and improving your productivity, as well as your overall satisfaction with your work.

Professional Development courses are available at most community colleges and trade colleges, although some require additional licensing. These programs range widely in length, from a few weeks to a couple semesters, and are designed to teach you the skills required to succeed in today’s highly competitive job market. Professional Development courses help you develop essential business skills, such as communication skills, project management, and teamwork. Many Professional Development classes also include internships that provide paid experience for college students who are not yet employed.

Business and Career Development (BPD) Professional Development training is designed to help you get the skills you want to succeed in the business world. Creating new business skills, updating skills you’ve already acquired, enhancing managerial and leadership skills, learning how to work with people and increasing your productivity are all part of the Professional Development program. Many times, these classes are offered as part of a larger professional development program. In order to complete a BPD course successfully, it’s necessary to participate in workshops, seminars, and internships. These can give you the essential training to prepare you to enter the business world as a successful worker.

Developing Your Leadership Skill Set Leadership skills are crucial in assisting you to develop as an employer and employee. If you are a good leader, you will have the ability to inspire your employees and help them achieve their career objectives. A Professional Development course is designed to help you learn the skills required to be a good leader. You may also decide to take part in a leadership development course through your company or an external business.

Improving Your Team Building Skills has an significant part in the success of any company. Your team is a collection of individuals working together toward a common goal. As a supervisor or a manager, your skills will not just help you lead your staff successfully, but they will also make them perform better. A Professional Development course can help you improve your team building skills. You will learn how to engage your team in actions that will build rapport, improve communication skills, and boost group attendance.

Leadership And Management Courses are designed to improve the skills necessary to manage people and departments. There are many Professional Development courses available to you at schools, companies, and other institutions. These programs are designed to teach you how to develop your skills, teach them to others, and evaluate your success. The important point to remember is that there is a difference between Professional Development Training and leadership and management training. Many Professional Development courses are designed to teach supervisors’ abilities that are necessary for handling small groups of people.

Development classes are available to teach you skills that are essential for career planning. When you’re planning your future career, you should consider looking into professional development courses to enhance your skills. Planning your career involves knowing where you want to be in five or ten years, your goals, and how to get there. There are many ways to learn those steps and you should benefit from all of them. With that in mind, you can get involved in career preparation classes or pursue a higher education in related fields. You can learn the skills you need to succeed in the field that you want to work in.

Many organizations offer Professional Development Trains that can provide you with the skills you want to become effective leaders. Businesses and organizations throughout the planet have recognized the importance of helping their employees to become efficient and productive leaders. Your employees will also enjoy learning new skills and having an opportunity to grow and advance in their careers. The best part about Professional Development Training is you will get guidance and instruction that can help you reach your goals. Your career goals and ambitions are what will motivate you to complete your Professional Development Training and set you on the road to success.

BMW Motor Plan Expiring? Plan Your Next Move with Your BMW

If you own a BMW you know the love and care that we need to put into our new BMW to keep it at optimal performance.  This means frequent oil changes, tire rotations, inspections, and much more.  The warranty that comes with a new BMW are outstanding and it’s kept people coming back to BMW year after year. Who don’t like the whole 50,000 miles 4-year plan? 

This is great for those who may like to trade their cars every couple of years.  But what if you are the owner of that BMW that plans on keeping it past the warranty? You keep the car maintenance and running smooth and take care of it, but now your warranty is expiring and you’re not sure how you will manage the fees involved should something occur.  

BMW parts are not cheap and even higher priced when maintenance through the dealerships.  So, what do you do? What is your plan?  No need to stress too much.  There are several options out there for you to help keep your car protected and giving you a little bit of peace of mind. 

Stay one step ahead

Planning for the worst is always a good idea. It’s never a good idea to wait to the last minute to make sure that your vehicle care plan remains active.  You can always contact your local BMW dealership where you purchased your vehicle and ask them if you can extend your warranty that you already have on your plan with them.  Many times, dealerships will let you extend at least once past the original warranty.  So, calling or visiting your local dealership and asking an associate is the first step.  If your particular dealer does not allow the warranty extension, you still have a few other options to make sure your vehicle remains covered. 

Splurge on the extended warranty

Many times, you will be able to purchase an extended warranty from the dealership.  The price range can run between $1500 and $3000.  Now most dealerships are flexible with that price so don’t feel like you can’t talk them down a bit. There are also many independent 3rd party warranty companies that you may use too.  You will want to be thorough when making a decision on who to use.  You will want to make sure they have a reputable background, are easy to contact should you need to. One that will give you payment flexibility and may even let you pay through your dealership.  Look for companies that have been rated on the Better Business Bureau. These companies have a tendency to have been in business much longer have a solid customer base and reviews on their ability to keep a satisfied customer base. One place that receives rave reviews on the BMW blogs and forums.  

You Daredevil!

If you are in the BMW group of people who have always taken care of your vehicle and never had any major problems you can always opt not purchase any additional warranties.  You could choose to pay out of pocket any expenses that may occur.   But remember, BMW parts are a bit pricey.  So, if you opt not to, then you should check around your area for a smaller mechanic that knows how to work on your car, and possibly save you thousands of dollars.  

Little Known IUD Side Effects

An IUD, also known as an intrauterine device, is a contraceptive. It is placed inside the uterus by a doctor to prevent pregnancy. A lot of people have reported different side effects with IUD during the first few weeks and months after the insertion. In this guide, we will look at the little known side effects of IUD and how to deal with them.

Types of IUD

There are two different kinds of IUDs that users can choose from. One contains copper, which is designed to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg to fertilize it while the other secretes synthetic progestin hormone to prevent pregnancy. It’s important to mention that IUD is not only for pregnancy prevention. It is also used to minimize the incidence of a heavy or painful period. Although the FDA approved intrauterine devices as safe contraceptives, many people still experience side effects. These side effects are different from one type of IUD to the other.

Side Effects of Hormonal IUD

It’s important to understand the risks and side effects of the different types of IUD before using it. Some of the common side effects of IUD include shorter or lighter periods, no periods at all, premenstrual syndrome symptoms, including nausea, skin blemishes, breast tenderness, and headaches. Some very rare side effects include uterine perforation, pelvic inflammatory disease, and expulsion of the device. To better understand the side effects, we’ll look at specific side effects based on the brand name. 


This is a hormonal IUD and it has specific common effects as reported by uses. Some of the kyleena side effects include:

  • Pelvic pain
  • Sore breasts
  • Painful periods
  • Headaches
  • Vulvovaginitis (inflammation of the external area of the vaginal)
  • Ovarian cysts

Kyleena has also been reported to increase the possible risk of ectopic pregnancies. This is a medical emergency that requires immediate attention to preserve fertility and prevent extreme bleeding.


Liletta is another brand of hormonal IUD. It is said to increase ectopic pregnancy risk. Therefore, if you experience abdominal pain or severe bleeding while using Liletta IUD, you should call your doctor immediately as these are some of the signs of ectopic pregnancy. Some other side effects of the brand include:

  • Ovarian cysts
  • Spotting and irregular bleeding within the first three-six months of use.

Skyla Side Effects

The side effects that are specific to Skyla include ovarian cysts, missed menstruation, and the risk of ectopic pregnancy. The manufacturer reports that at least one in every sixteen people that use Skyla will stop menstruating after a year of using the IUD while about 14% will develop ovarian cysts.

Side Effects of Mirena

Mirena is another hormonal IUD that secretes synthetic hormone progestin. Some people have reported different side effects of the intrauterine device, and some of these include:

  • Heavier or lighter period within the first three to six months of use
  • Bleeding, dizziness, and pain after insertion. This pay may disappear about 30 minutes later
  • Irregular or missed periods

Side Effects of Paragard

Paragard IUD has a copper coating that prevents sperm from fertilizing the egg. It has some common effects, which include:

  • Painful sex
  • Low blood count
  • Backache
  • Cramping
  • Allergic reaction because of the metal

The manufacturer also warns that getting pregnant while on Paragard IUD can cause some life-threatening complications.

Managing the Side Effects of IUD

Users can expect to experience these side effects within the first months after the insertion of the IUD. The good thing is that the side effects can be managed. Some of the ways these side effects can be managed include the following:

  • Take OTC pain-relieve medications, like acetaminophen, naproxen, or ibuprofen, to minimize the pain
  • Apply warm heat to the pelvis to relieve discomfort and cramping
  • Wear pads or panty-liner to absorb spotting or extra bleeding
  • Wear loose-fitting clothing for days after the IUD insertion to feel more comfortable.


It’s important to seek medical attention if users experience some uncommon side effects, including fever, painful sex, long-lasting bleeding, pregnancy symptoms, or strange vaginal discharge.

Do Hair Transplants Hurt? Find out All the Facts

Hair transplant is a process whereby hair roots have been expressed in regions of the scalp where there was undoubtedly still healthy hair growth and invisibly onto the ones which are either thinning or bald.

Currently, surgeons play a few of those two available kinds of baldness surgical treatments, which can be pretty secure and potent. But do hair transplants hurt?

Naturally, that can be quite a challenging question because every patient will probably have different pain thresholds and curing times, so some can experience high degrees of pain and distress compared to others. Add to these different varieties of procedures available, and there can be less or more pain connected to different treatment choices.

Like any surgery, a physician would produce modest cuts into the epidermis in hair transplant surgery. You’ll find pain nerves across the face and body; therefore, when a Surgeon leaves a cut into the skin, it can lead to pain when those nerves aren’t stopped. 

Seeing your hair grow back thicker than and decorate your scalp offers you the best feeling on earth. A powerful result can force you to feel better and confident about how in which you look. 

Main types of hair transplant:

  • FUE
  • FUSS

Both FUE and also FUSS may assist you to reestablish your normal hairline.


Follicular unit extraction is just a hair-transplant achieved by taking human hair follicles out of the skin and moving them to a different section of one’s system at which hair is absent or thinner.

Once your skin heals, which happens very shortly after the operation, the incision will end up nearly imperceptible.


FUSS, which might also be known as follicular unit transplantation or even FUT, can be just actually really a procedure that eliminates a thin strip of own hair from the donor area over the spine as well as the sides of your scalp.

Pain During Surgery

An expert Dr. Jae Pak and someone significant at the NHI medical, says that the sense that someone of both techniques presented previously is often painless. However, if any, this is a very slight pain. Hair transplants don’t hurt, though you could feel a small sense of disquiet, which goes off fast.

The vexation might be higher following the FUSS baldness procedure because the swelling which arises following skin tissue was taken away.

Extent of Pain

Patients usually also do report that the procedure can feel uneasy. However, as patients have been alerting throughout the process, a few do say it seems uncomfortable instead of painful. That is a result of the simple fact that the person going through it remains awake during the operation. So that person is conscious of what exactly is going on and can experience a process of pulling while the procedure is happening. Still, with the community anesthetic, this won’t hurt.

Does it Hurt After Surgery?

As the task shouldn’t result in any annoyance, the region of the scalp that’s been treated is very likely to feel ender following the operation is completed. That is because the scalp cells are exposed to injury, which may inevitably result in discoloration and a few swellings throughout the first day or two with FUT; the donor areas where hair grafts were removed maybe tender and require marginally more time to heal. But patients may choose mild pain killers to help alleviate any article surgery pain and disquiet, and in just a day or two, these signs and symptoms should subside.

Overall, the discomfort and pain you may encounter are minimal and comparatively brief when it comes to the transplantation of hair because the processes and healing times are usually rapid.