How to get started with your very own pet business

Think of one thing that universally makes people happy and you will think of people and their pets. From a business perspective, the pet industry is one that has been around for decades and show no signs of slowing down. These furry little bundles of joy provide mental stability and happiness to people round the world on a daily basis- and thus owners and keepers alike have absolutely no reservations when it comes to spending on their pets. 

People will never stop spoiling their pets and will most often get the very best if given the financial choice. This means the market benefits from impulse as much as it does from the necessities. And thus, the potential for growth and the opportunities to expand are almost endless. 

But why should you consider the pet care business?

This is an easy question to answer if you yourself are a pet owner or just a basic animal lover. One of the most sure fire ways of ensuring that your business feels like a success is to make sure that you love what you do. And for a lot of us, that is where the best business ideas come from. If you are enthusiastic about animal care due to your personal love for man’s best friends, or if you are just a person who specializes in this line due to education or skill- starting a pet business is the next logical step.

But if you are just looking to get into the business world and find an industry that is easy to penetrate just by good service- the pet industry should also be at the top of your priority list. You can’t go wrong with a product that is constantly in demand and the pet industry is a living proof of that statement. 

Types of pet related business

When it comes to the pet service industry, the possibilities are endless and so are the business ideas. We can not explore every type of pet related service as that would surely take up all the allocated data space in this blog. However, here are few of the major ones with a booming market with space for newcomers:

  1. Pet Grooming: Before, people used to clean up their 50 pound lab at home with human shampoos. However, the fast pace of modern day lifestyle and the advent of pet cleaning products mean that people hardly get the time or energy to give their pet a wash. This is why the pet grooming industry has seemingly exceeded every expectation set for it over the last few decades. However it is important to keep in mind that being a professional groomer requires some amount of training. But the training is not expensive to the point where it should be too concerning.
  2. Pet Trainer:  Pet training is one of the more difficult pet care businesses to get into. This is because like humans, our pets have multitudes of personalities and no one technique works on each pet. If you are willing to put in the time and effort however, it is a market that is still significantly short staffed- meaning profit margins are absolutely through the roof!
  3. Pet Sitting:  This type of pet care business is relatively low investment and low yield. However, this requires no training and it pays surprisingly well for how little work you will actually need to do. No one likes to leave their prized pup alone while going to work, and that is where trained sitters come in.
  4. Day Care:  The day care business is somewhat similar to the pet sitting business. Some of this is because the requirement or market for such a business comes from the same need. A lot of people are not comfortable with leaving their pups alone at home all day as they feel their buds would get lonely or bored. Day cares can be great places for pets to specialize and be active alongside other animals.
  5. Pet Accessory Business: Just like kids, people like dressing up their pets and giving them the best toys possible. If you are good at sewing, you can consider starting a pet clothing business right out of your bedroom. The pet accessory business however is somewhat like reselling. You will need to source pet toys and tools from suppliers and sell them at a markup if you are just starting out. 

Selling your product- tapping into the industry

Being a good businessperson is just being good at identifying an opportunity. This means your business strategy has to be personal and must tap into the emotions of a pet owner. Marketing your product well is instrumental to the success of any business- and this is even more amplified when it comes to most pet related businesses since pet products are essentially luxury items. There are a few ways leads can be generated for your pet product or service. Why not look here for the best ways to tap into the industry:

  • Having a retail store

People are much likelier to buy products from physical outlets than over online outlets. This is even truer for pet products since pet owners are known to be notoriously careful while settling on a pet service. 

  • SEO:

If you are dead set on conducting your business out of your home or just do not have the funds to go offline- online marketing and lead generation is your bread and butter. One of the best processes of online marketing is the Search Engine Optimization Lead generation strategy. At it’s very basics, SEO allows you to organize content in such a way that it shows up higher on Google searches- getting you more traffic on you business website. 

  • Becoming an activist

It is easier for pet owners to trust business owners if they feel like the business itself is part of the collective. Thus, being a business that supports animal rights activism creates positive traction for pet businesses.