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How to access higher education without high debt

Students can earn their bachelor’s degree tuition-free while working part-time — or add a new skill to their resume without spending a dime —and they can do it 100% online, thanks to innovative programs offered at Miami University Regionals and E-Campus.

It’s all part of the college’s commitment to making the Miami experience affordable and accessible to all, Senior Regional Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Moira Casey said.

“Everyone who works at Miami Regionals prides themselves on our mission: to provide the opportunity for a college degree to community members who might not have the finances, the academic background, or the desire to access a more traditional college experience,” Casey said. “Access, affordability, and student success are daily priorities for everyone here.”

Here are a few ways full-time college students, working adults, or even teens who haven’t finished high school yet can earn their degree or professional certificate without racking up debt.

Middle and high school students: Earn college credit at no cost

With College Credit Plus, 7th- to 12-grade students can earn up to 120 college credits at no cost to them or their families and graduate with their high school diploma and an associate’s degree — or be well on their way to a bachelor’s degree. And Miami Regionals E-Campus offers hundreds of courses 100% online, so students can study from their home or high school.

Working adults: Upskill or reskill for free

Ohio’s TechCred grants provide funding to employers for workers to earn professional certifications in fields like digital marketing, information technology, manufacturing and robotics. Many of these programs are available 100% online.

Eligible adults: Launch a new career without paying a dime

Ohio’s Individual Microcredential Assistance Program (IMAP) helps unemployed, partially employed or low-income adults earn microcredentials at no cost. Miami Regionals E-Campus students can obtain skills and professional certificates to launch careers in information technology, manufacturing, robotics and more.

Full-time students: Let your part-time job pay your tuition

Miami Regionals’ Work+ program partners with Ohio employers like Worthington Industries, the YMCA, Butler County Regional Transit Authority and The Fischer Group. Work+ participants work 20 to 24 hours per week, and their employers pay their hourly wages plus their full-time tuition and general fees.

Everyone: Apply for Financial Aid and Scholarships

Many students qualify for Pell grants, which cover almost the full cost of Regionals’ tuition, and the college has many scholarships available based on both needs and merit. Even if students do not expect to qualify for these programs, they should take the time to fill out the FAFSA annually — they may be surprised at what is available.

Everyone: Take advantage of one of Ohio’s lowest tuition rates

Miami Regionals offers one of the lowest tuition rates in the state of Ohio — less than $300 per credit hour in 2022 — and the university’s Tuition Promise locks in that rate for up to four years. That means students who start in the 2022-2023 school year can earn a bachelor’s degree for about $28,000 before scholarships, grants and aid. With 13 degrees and hundreds of courses available 100% online, E-Campus provides the flexibility for students to earn their Miami degree on their terms.

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