Welcome to the Human-Centered Design Research Lab!

HCD research lab is hiring highly motivated graduate and undergraduate students, see more details here: Openings

The Human-Centered Design Research Lab at Miami University conducts design research at the intersection of engineering and psychology, with the goal of advancing theories and methodologies that keep end-users at the center of the design process and support individual and group decision making of engineers and designers.

  1. One theme studies end-user behaviors and product design such as decision rules used in product evaluation, perceptions and preferences that characterize design attributes, and latent needs and pain points that imply design opportunities.
  2. The other theme partially leverages findings from user research to support engineer and designer decision making, such as enablers and barriers in implementing user-centered design, heuristics to support better system thinking, and how the interactions of user-centered design and system thinking affect interdisciplinary collaborations.
  3. Research from both themes will be also fed into engineering design education.