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Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion…Oh My!

These days, there are a lot of buzzwords like “diversity”, “equity”, and “inclusion” floating around when we talk about STEM fields. But what do these words mean? Diversity: the practice or quality of including or involving people from a range … Continue reading

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Did you ever see yourself in STEM?

Diversity in STEM matters! Diversity is important to show those groups that are underrepresented in society that they have a place in STEM. Many communities such as Women’s and BIPOC communities are underrepresented in STEM and therefore don’t feel like … Continue reading

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Changing Gears: Drive

Motivation is the driving force behind all life decisions. It is what determines our needs, values, and goals in life. When it comes to students in the classroom what can teachers do to foster motivation and curiosity? In the book … Continue reading

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How to DRIVE Motivation in Science Classrooms

How do you get students to REALLY like science? What can MOTIVATE students’ scientific interests? There are thousands of questions regarding student motivation that teachers ask themselves. Let’s explore motivation from the inside out using the book DRIVE by Daniel … Continue reading

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Supporting Resilient Learners

Personally, one of the main reasons I want to be a teacher is to cheer my students on and support them as they go through high school, one of the toughest and most stressful seasons of life. High schoolers often … Continue reading

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Coping Together: Helping Students Cope with Trauma

Teaching is hard. Ask any teacher. And it’s certainly not made any easier by the fact that our students are not blank slates. Teaching would be so much easier if students came into the classroom without previous experiences. But the reality is they are. More than that though, students are coming to our classrooms with trauma. Teaching traumatized learners takes skill, practice, and patience. Today, we’re going to unpack how we can help our students become resilient learners. Continue reading

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Empowering Diverse Students in STEM

In the field of education, the push for sending students into STEM fields has become more prominent now more than ever. Schools encourage “women in STEM” through offering extracurricular activities and advanced math and science courses. There is a real … Continue reading

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Equity in STEM: Forging a path for Women and Minorities

For years prejudice has covered the ground against women and minorities trying to extend their reach into developing careers in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Although the percentage of women and minorities has risen slightly over … Continue reading

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Stem Creativity to Promote Equity

In a world that is technologically progressing at extraordinary speeds, there are still primitive problems situated within our society. The demand for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related jobs is at an all-time high. There is a need for 3.5 … Continue reading

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Breaking Down Motivation – what actually DRIVES us?

As a student, I think and talk about motivation frequently. Some days, I don’t feel motivated at all- I procrastinate and drag my feet to complete a homework assignment or study for an upcoming test. Other times, I do feel … Continue reading

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