IPad Basics and as a Consumption Tool

Ipad Basics and as a Production Tool


The workshop, IPad Basics and as a Consumption Tool, is the first in a series of three iPad training Workshops.  This workshop covers practical information such as downloading, deleting, organizing, closing and updating apps, searching your ipad and taking screenshots.  Also covered in this workshop are the topics of updating your iPad IOS, backing-up your iPad, iPad settings and using gestures for navigation. 

The workshop is led by Barbara Caudill, Jessie Long, Tom Mays and Jake Robinson.   The Library currently has a class sets of iPads that can be checked out for use in your classes.  

Below you will find two resources.  The first is the link to the training outline and information document used in the workshop.  This is a Google document with links to websites that you might find useful.  

The second is a short YouTube video showing some of the iPad basics covered in the workshop.  We suggest that you have your IPad with you so that you can pause the video and practice while you view the presentation.

IPad Basics and as a Consumption Tool     


About Barbara Caudill

My name is Barbara Caudill. I am a three-quarter time Online Statistics Instructor and a one-quarter time member of the E-Learning Initiatives for the Regional Campuses of Miami University. Through the E-Learning Initiatives I am a Course Designer and eLearning Trainer.