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If a picture says a thousand words then a video uses both! Students all grown up with TV, movies, YouTube, etc. so they are used to sound, pictures, movement. So perhaps you want to make some instructional videos to make your points and give a mobile presentation rather than a textbook or traditional lecture. We will look at several apps that make it very easy to record and edit a video for your students. Even better, you can assign a video project to your students or colleagues as well.

We Video Google Integration App
We Video Website

We will start with a cloud based video editing app called WeVideo. It is free at the basic level and lets you put together your pictures, video, audio for a nice video. Its benefits include:

  • Works with Google Drive and organized projects there.
  • Collaborative
  • Multiple publishing platforms including Drive, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo dropbox.
  • Choose your comfort level for editing.


Screencast O Matic

A great Screen capture application is Screencast O’Matic. Screen capture means you can capture your screen as you show an application or paper and also record your voice to describe what is being shown. This app is our favorite at the moment and is easy to use. There are some nice features with this app as well. The free version has a 15 minute limit.

ShowMe iPad App

This application is iPad based but is basically a recordable white board. You can draw or mark-up a document and talk your way through it. Easy to use and a simple iPad pen is all you need (although you can use your finger).

YouTube mywebcam

A quick way to insert a bit of yourself in a course is to use youtube.com/my_webcam. You can quickly record yourself on your webcam and upload to youtube. Then in 24 hours you can have it auto close caption to make it ADA compliant. Check out this quick example.


This application is fairly new and can be used to create animated videos.



Intervue is a quick and easy tool for publishers who are looking to gather short video responses online from anyone with a webcam.


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