Setting Gmail to the Default Mail Client

How to set Gmail as your Default Mail Client

When you click a contact link in a webpage, does Outlook open?  Do you want Gmail to be your default mail client?  Find the instructions below to set it up so that all contacts links will launch your Gmail webmail.

Set Gmail as default email client in Chrome

If you use Google Chrome as your browser, then installing this Chrome extension (plug-in) should do the trick. Here’s all you need:

Set Gmail as default email client in Safari

If you use Safari as your browser, then there’s an extension you can install to ensure that your outgoing web mail goes through Gmail. Just follow this simple step:

  • Install the Gmail This extension for Safari. Find it in the list and click “Install now”.

Set Gmail as default email client in Firefox

If you use Firefox as your browser, then you can adjust a setting in your Firefox preferences to enable Gmail as your email provider of choice. Try this:

  • In the “Tools” menu in Firefox, click the “Options” link.
  • Click the “Applications” tab.
  • In the search bar enter “mailto”. Change the Action for this to “Use Gmail”.





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