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Supporting Resilient Learners

Personally, one of the main reasons I want to be a teacher is to cheer my students on and support them as they go through high school, one of the toughest and most stressful seasons of life. High schoolers often … Continue reading

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Coping Together: Helping Students Cope with Trauma

Teaching is hard. Ask any teacher. And it’s certainly not made any easier by the fact that our students are not blank slates. Teaching would be so much easier if students came into the classroom without previous experiences. But the reality is they are. More than that though, students are coming to our classrooms with trauma. Teaching traumatized learners takes skill, practice, and patience. Today, we’re going to unpack how we can help our students become resilient learners. Continue reading

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Dealing with Misconception in the Classroom

As individuals we all have our own experiences that have gotten us to where we are in our lives. Lessons gained from in the classroom to interactions with peers outside that classroom that led to teamwork or maybe disputes that … Continue reading

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Rising to the Challenge

What if I’m not enough? When I think about my biggest challenges and fears in teaching, this is the thought that comes up the most. To be an exemplary teacher is incredibly difficult. The relatively little experience I’ve had has required … Continue reading

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The Cheapest Engagement You’ll Ever Hear About!

  I know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry! We’re not talking about cheap ways to pop that special someone the “big question”, apologies to those expecting some intimacy tips. In this blog, we’re going to unpack that classic teacher … Continue reading

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Margins: Not Just for Paper Anymore

One of the worst nightmares for teachers (and greatest pleasures of students) is getting off-topic. However, there is a good way to get off-topic, and it often involves more learning than what would have happened in the first place. This … Continue reading

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Try and Keep Up

Science teaching. What could be so hard about it?  Besides the lesson planning, difficult micro-level concepts, keeping the curiosity alive in the classroom, and helping students succeed on standardized tests. Oh, and let’s not forget keeping up with the constantly … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: The Struggle

Howdy bloggers, Welcome back to the last installment of An Interesting Perspective for the semester. I know I’ve been less consistent these past few weeks, but things have been hectic. Today though, we’re back on track and here to discuss … Continue reading

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Are you up to the challenge?

The best and worst of any profession are the challenges that come with that profession. As I have pursued this profession, so many what-if’s and doubts have popped into my head, most of them related to the challenges that come … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: Drive the Bus

Howdy bloggers, Welcome back for the newest installment of An Interesting Perspective. Today, we will discuss the importance of classroom management within a science classroom, and give out a few tips and tricks to keep your classroom from entering a … Continue reading

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