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The Future Belongs to the Curious!

Soon I will be entering my own classroom which is both exciting and nerve-racking. I have taken plenty of education and science classes to help prepare me, but until I have my own classroom it is difficult to be prepared … Continue reading

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Classroom Management: It’s Not Just Tips and Tricks

As a future teacher, I think about how I will manage my own science classroom. It is very difficult for me to picture because it will depend on the students’ actions and behavior. So until I actually have my own … Continue reading

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A Day to Remember

When you look back at your academic career what do you remember most? It’s not the lectures and worksheets; it’s the engaging activities¬†and labs! Engaging activities and labs help student become active in their learning which helps them understand and … Continue reading

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Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

This quote really stuck with me. To me this quote saying that we need to know what our strengths and weakness are. By knowing what our weaknesses are, we are able to work on them until they evolve into strengths. … Continue reading

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