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Everyone Knows Something You Don’t

I have always liked this quote! I think that it puts learning in prospective. Everyone knows something I do not and I can learn from them. I also think that this quote applies to constructivism in education.  The article How … Continue reading

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There’s No “I” in Team

Cooperative Learning “Cooperative learning” may seem like a foreign concept to those who went through school with just lectures and tests with nothing else in between (I know a lot of my classes were formatted this way). The cooperative learning … Continue reading

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A drive down the road less traveled

A reflection on DRIVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us An introductory thought: When you wake up in the morning and have a long to-do list, or a lot of work to do at school, what motivates you to … Continue reading

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Movement Toward The Margins

Movement Toward The Margins By: Hayley Johnson, Miami University Think back to when you were in middle or high school. What were your favorite memories in class? What made it memorable? No matter how far out of high school you are, … Continue reading

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