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The Separation of Margins

What are Margins? Margins can be thought of as a complex spectrum style of learning that students sway into over the course of a lesson. It’s a naturally derived method that can be considered an important component of teaching and … Continue reading

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The Margins: Where True Learning Happens

For many years, teachers have been taught to teach what is in their curriculum and to steer away from classroom diversions. Teachers may have been told to avoid difficult conversations, controversial topics, and perhaps even what is happening in the … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Margins: What Is It?

Think about the term “margin”. It’s the part of a written source where the text stops and the blank space of the page starts, right? Well, what if I told you margins can also be involved in the classroom? And … Continue reading

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The Cheapest Engagement You’ll Ever Hear About!

  I know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry! We’re not talking about cheap ways to pop that special someone the “big question”, apologies to those expecting some intimacy tips. In this blog, we’re going to unpack that classic teacher … Continue reading

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What is Teaching in the “Margins?”

Think back to your days in school; was there ever something going on outside of class that your teacher thought was important to learn about? Did this topic tie into class but also spark interest in you and your peers? … Continue reading

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