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The Separation of Margins

What are Margins? Margins can be thought of as a complex spectrum style of learning that students sway into over the course of a lesson. It’s a naturally derived method that can be considered an important component of teaching and … Continue reading

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Improving Drive

As long as anyone can remember civilization has incorporated the carrot-stick rule to produce the effects that they want. We’re all familiar with it from, not doing well and getting kicked off the baseball team, to, working harder in projects … Continue reading

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Atomic Habits: How small can become gigantic

As we go through life we all dream to be better. We want to be a better athlete, a better runner, a better singer, a better entrepreneur, and so on and so forth. The question is how do we go … Continue reading

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The Magic is in the Margins

Are you teaching in the moment or in the margins? This is a very important question to educators need to ponder through out their teaching career, which I plan on revisiting this question by the end of this blog post. … Continue reading

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The Margins: Where True Learning Happens

For many years, teachers have been taught to teach what is in their curriculum and to steer away from classroom diversions. Teachers may have been told to avoid difficult conversations, controversial topics, and perhaps even what is happening in the … Continue reading

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Out of this WORLD Science Teaching!

What kinds of teachers make a difference everyday? What kinds of teachers take chances for the betterment of their students? Below I will discuss some of the many qualities that makes teachers extraordinarily, exemplary. Characteristics of Exemplary Teaching ~ Instruction … Continue reading

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The Cheapest Engagement You’ll Ever Hear About!

  I know what you’re thinking, and don’t worry! We’re not talking about cheap ways to pop that special someone the “big question”, apologies to those expecting some intimacy tips. In this blog, we’re going to unpack that classic teacher … Continue reading

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Watching vs. Doing: Exemplary Teaching in the Classroom

Exemplary teaching can be and should be used in every classroom; especially in a science subject classroom. Science is one of the most difficult subjects to teach through lecture because many of the things discussed must be¬†experienced. Sitting and listening … Continue reading

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What am I good at?

“But I’m not good at anything.” “But I’m not creative.” “But I’m not smart.” These are excuses you will hear every day in a classroom. I am the speaker of those words. There are some days when I feel I … Continue reading

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