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Empowering Diverse Students in STEM

In the field of education, the push for sending students into STEM fields has become more prominent now more than ever. Schools encourage “women in STEM” through offering extracurricular activities and advanced math and science courses. There is a real … Continue reading

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STEM Through Another Lens

Despite encompassing a wide range of careers, the fields of STEM often display characteristics associated with institutionalized discrimination against minorities. The Current State of STEM It would be an extreme understatement to simply say that STEM careers are disproportionately filled … Continue reading

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Its 2018, Way Past Time for Equity in STEM

STEM careers are one of the fasting growing industries in the US, Yet women and minorities are still incredibly underrepresented. According to the National Science Foundation, these are the big numbers FEMALE PARTICIPATION IN STEM STUDIES AT THE COLLEGIATE LEVEL … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: The Nature of Science

Howdy bloggers, This week officially marks the seventh installment of An Interesting Perspective. In today’s post, we will discuss the importance of equity within the classroom, and how having an equitable classroom is beneficial to everyone. Picture this. You hear … Continue reading

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Issues Rooted in STEM

Issues Rooted in STEM By: Hayley Johnson Have you seen this? This is a new (2017) Lego set that was released just this year honoring important women in NASA history. Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride, and Mae Jemison. … Continue reading

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It Starts With Teachers

As teachers, children watch us constantly and often mimic our actions. This is why teachers need to be conscientious about their actions throughout the classroom. Teachers have their own opinions and biases about the world around them. If they are … Continue reading

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Repeat after me: I am unstoppable. That statement has power.  Even just uttering the words makes me feel courageous, ready to take something head-on and tackle it with everything I’ve got.  It’s passion and bravery and strength and endurance–everything we want … Continue reading

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For the Scientist Doubting Herself

Picture a scientist. Not a specific scientist, just a generic scientist. What image comes to your mind? What is the scientist wearing? How tall are they? What age? What ethnicity? What gender? The scientist that pops into my head is … Continue reading

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