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Set your sights on the Margins

Imagine yourself aboard a large vessel traveling across the grand sea. A mild breeze blows through your hair as it pushes the ship across tiny waves that gently tap the underside of your boat. As the ship continues to drift … Continue reading

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Going Above and Beyond – Exemplary Science Teaching

Teachers are memorable. They shape our growing minds, guide us, and walk with us through the learning process. If you asked me my favorite science teacher I’ve ever had, I could tell you right away that it was my 11th … Continue reading

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A Note to the Teacher: Addressing Alternate Conceptions in Science Teaching

So what are alternate conceptions in science teaching? Well, these are MISCONCEPTIONS that our students bring into the classroom based on their prior knowledge. It is our duty as educators to address these misconceptions in a respectful, but knowledgeable manner. … Continue reading

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A Note to the Teacher: Finding ENGAGING Resources on a BUDGET!

When you signed up to be a teacher, did anywhere on your contract state that you have to pay out of pocket for classroom materials? Probably-NOT! Yet, many teachers find themselves using their own money to buy simple things for … Continue reading

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A Note to the Teacher: Encouraging All to Pursue STEM

There are many misconceptions about equity and equality. These two terms are often used interchangeably even though they are very different. Equity is defined as proportional representation while equality is defined as treating everyone the same, giving the same opportunities. … Continue reading

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Improving Drive

As long as anyone can remember civilization has incorporated the carrot-stick rule to produce the effects that they want. We’re all familiar with it from, not doing well and getting kicked off the baseball team, to, working harder in projects … Continue reading

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Science Teaching 2.0: From Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation

What does motivation have to do with learning science? Quite a bit, actually. For students, motivation typically stems from either extrinsic or intrinsic motivators. Too often, student motivation has been dependent on extrinsic motivators, such as grades, extra-credit, candy/treats, technology, … Continue reading

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The Keys to Drive: Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom

Your students aren’t going to benefit in the long run from extrinsic motivation! Intrinsic motivation shifts the responsibility from the teacher to the student. Once intrinsic motivation is acquired, it can last for a lifetime. Give your students the keys … Continue reading

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Atomic Habits: How small can become gigantic

As we go through life we all dream to be better. We want to be a better athlete, a better runner, a better singer, a better entrepreneur, and so on and so forth. The question is how do we go … Continue reading

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Dare to venture out into the Margin

Imagine yourself as a sailor upon a ship venturing out over the sea. You and your fellow crewmates lay about lazily as the sun beats down. A mild breeze slowly pushes the ship along while the water barely becomes disturbed. … Continue reading

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