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Student Driver

How can we foster intrinsic motivation in our science classroom? Ways to instill autonomy within my future students: Instead of doing a traditional test on a unit that is super critical students gain knowledge in, I could have them do … Continue reading

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A Note to the Teacher: DRIVE!

What drives a classroom? Daniel H. Pink, the author of New York Times best-seller, Drive helps us tackle this specific question. He uncovers the surprising truth about what truly motivates us. Motivation 3.0 We are going to dive into Motivation … Continue reading

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Drive: Get Behind the Wheel

You’ve been lied to. Don’t be too upset though, most of us have. Remember in that psych class you took there was that whole unit about classical conditioning? All those scientists and researches who spouted the wonders of extrinsic motivation? They … Continue reading

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Origins From the beginning of time, what has been the source of our survival?  Motivation for survival.  The origins of motivation can be traced back thousands to millions of years in fossil records.  As a biologist, my goal is to … Continue reading

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Candy Isn’t Always the Answer

Think about your life and what motivates you to get out of bed in the morning. Normally, people say that money, possessions, and success make them motivated. The promise of a reward is a completing goal, but is nothing new. … Continue reading

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An Interesting Perspective: Carrots and Sticks

Howdy bloggers, In this week’s installment of An Interesting Perspective, we will dive into a discussion about Daniel Pink’s novel Drive. What is motivation? By definition, motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a … Continue reading

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A drive down the road less traveled

A reflection on DRIVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us An introductory thought: When you wake up in the morning and have a long to-do list, or a lot of work to do at school, what motivates you to … Continue reading

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The Force of Discovery

It was late, and as the frequency of the clock’s ticking drove itself deeper and deeper into the back of Mikial’s mind, he found himself less bound to the world itself. How long had he been sitting here? Hours? Days? … Continue reading

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The Business of Education

Today’s business industry is pretty uniform. Workers come in to the office at 8 A.M. and leave at 5 P.M. like clock work. There is very little room for creativity and personal growth. School is pretty similar. Teachers are supposed … Continue reading

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What it Means to be an Exemplary Science Teacher

  What it does not mean… What is wrong with the picture below? Students are dis interested, there is no conversation occurring, no one is engaged with the topic, and most of all no real learning is occurring. An exemplary … Continue reading

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