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A Note to the Teacher: Encouraging All to Pursue STEM

There are many misconceptions about equity and equality. These two terms are often used interchangeably even though they are very different. Equity is defined as proportional representation while equality is defined as treating everyone the same, giving the same opportunities. … Continue reading

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Its 2018, Way Past Time for Equity in STEM

STEM careers are one of the fasting growing industries in the US, Yet women and minorities are still incredibly underrepresented. According to the National Science Foundation, these are the big numbers FEMALE PARTICIPATION IN STEM STUDIES AT THE COLLEGIATE LEVEL … Continue reading

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Let’s Learn About STE(A)M

What is STE(A)M? It is a combination of  STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and ART.   In this lesson that I will introduce, I will address the idea of genetic engineering. Engage:  Students will get in groups to determine the differences … Continue reading

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STEAM in Motion

STE(A)M activities get students involved in not just one content area, but several at the same time.  For group work, this means helping each student show strengths in their interests. For a long list of potential steam exercises, the following … Continue reading

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STEM in the Science Classroom

What is STEM? As a teacher and as a student, I hear the word STEM thrown around all the time. No, not the green part of a flower that holds it up. STEM is science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The … Continue reading

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Geology STE(A)M Activity

What is STEAM? STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math. Today I’m going to be going over a fun geology activity: Egg Geodes! Egg geodes are homemade crystals that only require a few household materials which allows it … Continue reading

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STE(A)M Can Be Used in Biology Too!

When people think about biology, most would probably recall sitting in class and trying to memorize parts of the cell or photosynthesis. Not many would say that they remembering designing something cool and being creative. However, this can be the case using … Continue reading

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Making the Rock Cycle STE(A)My

Other than the lactose intolerant, who doesn’t love chocolate? One thing that’s for sure is that kids do. Teaching the rock cycle is so often a dry, boring unit but with chocolate it can be made much more interesting, impactful, … Continue reading

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Time to SCREAM for STE(A)M

Hey you physical science teachers out there! Have you wondered how to make motion an interesting lesson while also trying to infuse more STE(A)M inspired activities? Look no further, it’s time to build some ROLLER COASTERS! Engage them: Show a … Continue reading

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It’s Getting STE(A)My In Here

STE(A)M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Its a great way to get your students engaged while also developing their love for the different sciences. Here is an activity that exemplifies STE(A)M: Gelatin Streaking! ENGAGE This activity is … Continue reading

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