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Breaking Down Motivation – what actually DRIVES us?

As a student, I think and talk about motivation frequently. Some days, I don’t feel motivated at all- I procrastinate and drag my feet to complete a homework assignment or study for an upcoming test. Other times, I do feel … Continue reading

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Do you have the DRIVE?

Why is motivation important in the science classroom? Motivation is important in any setting! We all want to learn and grow to be better people and better students right? Or do we just want the grades and the diploma, the … Continue reading

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Driving Down New Roads: A Motivational Roadmap

Our First Stop? Daniel H. Pink’s Drive It is imperative to note that although this blog post draws heavily from Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink, this is in no way a review nor … Continue reading

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Going to the Margins!

What does it mean to teach in the margins? Going to the margins in your classroom means that you are going into a lesson, topic, or an activity where you explore the unknown! Not everything in the classroom can be, … Continue reading

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The Separation of Margins

What are Margins? Margins can be thought of as a complex spectrum style of learning that students sway into over the course of a lesson. It’s a naturally derived method that can be considered an important component of teaching and … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Margins

What does “teaching in the margins” mean? The margins are places where learning and discovery take place, outside of the control of the instructor. Traditionally in a classroom, a teacher has lesson plans that outline exactly what will be taught, … Continue reading

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Are You An Exemplary Science Teacher?

What does an exemplary science teacher do? How are they different from a typical science teacher? An exemplary science teacher goes above and beyond in ensuring the engagement of their students. I remember in many of my science classrooms, even … Continue reading

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“EST-ablishing” yourself as an Exemplary Science Teacher

What does it mean to be an Exemplary Science Teacher? Exemplary Science Teaching is — by it’s nature — what every science educator should strive for. Simply put, Exemplary Science Teaching involves the continual refinement of educational practices in order … Continue reading

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Exemplary Science Teaching

Don’t you ever look back to your high school years and wish you were sitting at a lab desk listening to your teacher drone on about testcrosses, ecological zones, or transcription factors? Yeah, me neither. So you may ask, or … Continue reading

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How YOU Can Foster Resilient Learners in Your Classroom?

In the book, “Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a trauma-Sensitive Classroom,” by Kristen Souers and Pete Hall, is all about a growing issue– childhood trauma, and the effects that is has on both learning and teaching. Souers and Hall … Continue reading

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