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Student Driver

How can we foster intrinsic motivation in our science classroom? Ways to instill autonomy within my future students: Instead of doing a traditional test on a unit that is super critical students gain knowledge in, I could have them do … Continue reading

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Drive: Bringing the Spark Back Into the Classroom

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be ignited” Plutarch Motivation is known as a multifaceted concept. Some motivations change as humans develop psychologically while some motivations remain the same throughout an entire lifespan. … Continue reading

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Improving Drive

As long as anyone can remember civilization has incorporated the carrot-stick rule to produce the effects that they want. We’re all familiar with it from, not doing well and getting kicked off the baseball team, to, working harder in projects … Continue reading

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I Used Drive as an Excuse to Talk About Video Games (I’m Sorry)

Letting My Nerdiness Show I like video games. I’d say it’s the activity that I spend most of my free time doing. But there is one part of almost every video game that I hate: tutorials. It’s that part at … Continue reading

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Science Teaching 2.0: From Extrinsic to Intrinsic Motivation

What does motivation have to do with learning science? Quite a bit, actually. For students, motivation typically stems from either extrinsic or intrinsic motivators. Too often, student motivation has been dependent on extrinsic motivators, such as grades, extra-credit, candy/treats, technology, … Continue reading

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Intrinisic Motivation with Drive

Classrooms all across the world struggle with making sure students are properly motivated to learn. Every student is different but intrinsic motivation, or motivation from within, time and time again has been an essential part of ensuring student learning and … Continue reading

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A Note to the Teacher: DRIVE!

What drives a classroom? Daniel H. Pink, the author of New York Times best-seller, Drive helps us tackle this specific question. He uncovers the surprising truth about what truly motivates us. Motivation 3.0 We are going to dive into Motivation … Continue reading

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A Guide to “Drive” Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom

“Human beings have an innate inner drive to be autonomous, self-determined, and connected to one another. And when that drive is liberated, people achieve more and live richer lives.” -Daniel Pink In his novel Drive, Daniel pink outlines how we … Continue reading

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Intrinsic Motivation Development and Creativity in the Classroom

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that we used when we created them.” -Albert Einstein Albert Einstein is one of the most highly regarded and brilliant scientists that we have ever seen in this world. If you … Continue reading

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The Keys to Drive: Intrinsic Motivation in the Classroom

Your students aren’t going to benefit in the long run from extrinsic motivation! Intrinsic motivation shifts the responsibility from the teacher to the student. Once intrinsic motivation is acquired, it can last for a lifetime. Give your students the keys … Continue reading

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