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Construct a New Way to do Labs!

Good ole Lab Day. We all remember it as the few times we were on our feet in a science classroom. Teachers always told us it was our activity of the day or week and was usually their implication to … Continue reading

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Constructivist Teaching

    When a teacher begins teaching, there are a number of concepts and theories that he/she should be thinking through and trying to incorporate into their classroom. A major theory that should be present in the classroom is that of … Continue reading

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Constructing the Future: Constructivism

Think back to any psychology class you’ve ever taken. Do the names Piaget and Vygotsky ring a bell? If so you’ve heard of constructivism! And this is how it applies to the classroom: Defining Constructivism Constructivism is a theory that … Continue reading

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Constructivism in the Classroom

As someone who enjoys science, how excited do you get to go to History class? What about English class? Probably not very excited. But what if those teachers implemented activities in their classroom with the purpose to get students who … Continue reading

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Constructing Your Knowledge

What is Constructivism? Constructivism is a theory that states that people construct their own understanding of the world through experiences and reflection. When you encounter a new experience, you must reconcile that experience with your past experiences. Sometimes, this will … Continue reading

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Constructivism is more than just a theory.

    What is Constructivism: According to Dr. Steve Olusegun in his article Constructivism Learning Theory: A Paradigm for Teaching and Learning “Constructivism is basically a theory which is based on observation and scientific study, about how people learn. It … Continue reading

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Complexity in Thinking: Constructivism within Chemistry Learning

Diving into Chemistry Education Research (CER) Research within chemistry education is incredibly important to the progression of teaching methods within the subject. Chemistry is a very complex topic; almost as complex as the students eager to learn it! Topics within … Continue reading

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You Have What It Takes

Being a science teacher comes with a lot of difficulties that do not exist in the other disciplines. Many things about the nature of science make it somewhat complicated and difficult to teach. It is important to acknowledge these complexities … Continue reading

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Free, Easy Ways to Increase Teaching Effectiveness

The old methods of teaching have been tossed out the window. New engaging styles of teaching are now widely used in all classrooms. This is because of increased research on and dedication to these new and innovative ways of teaching. … Continue reading

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Constructivism in Stories

Environmental issues are at the forefront of the conversations of many people in the world today. Climate change and global warming are very pressing issues in our society today. However, not many people are educated on those topics. Getting people … Continue reading

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