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Put it in Drive!

I’m sure everyone remembers point-grubbers in high school. These were the people who obsessed over every last point, and would fight with the teacher over missed questions on tests.  They would debate technicalities and find loopholes in every question they … Continue reading

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How to Construct Your Classroom With Constructivism

In the article Constructivism in Classroom: Theory into Practice (1999), Naylor and Keogh explained that the “central principles of this approach [constructivist view] are that learners can only make sense of new situations in terms of their existing understanding.” Does … Continue reading

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Constructivism: The Power of Prior Knowledge

Imagine you are a science teacher about to start a new unit about Cellular Respiration and you are dreading it. You know that this is going to be a very difficult unit for your students. You have no idea how … Continue reading

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Applying Constructivism to the Laboratory Experience

“Why should friction act on a sphere rolling down an incline differently than on a block sliding down that same incline?” “Why should an object accelerate differently when pulled up an incline compared to when it’s sliding down?” “Do heavier … Continue reading

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Construct your teaching with Constructivism!

One of the greatest ways that you, as a teacher, can ensure your students are grasping concepts in order to apply and analyze them is through the use of Constructivism! Here is a video as an introduction as to what … Continue reading

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Allowing Constructivism Into the Classroom

An Overview of “Constructivism and Conceptual Change, Part I” Alan Colbern provides his definition of constructivism and applications of it towards philosophy, learning styles, and teaching topics such as Newton’s laws and photosynthesis. Colbern notes that a classroom centered around … Continue reading

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Providing Intellectual Soil and Nutrients so the Roots of the Trees of Knowledge will be Deep

  Introduction Back when I started teaching and even now, I had no idea of the importance of a thing called constructivism. I didn’t even know what it meant. Now, I have an idea of what it means, but sometimes … Continue reading

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Construct Your Understanding

What can make you a successful science teacher???  CONSTRUCTIVISM Don’t know what that is?  Well, I’m here to guide you through the practices and theory of constructivism. What is Constructivism? Constructivism is a theory that many teachers put in place … Continue reading

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Constructivism; Rebuilding the Classroom

Constructivism is… Constructivism is a theory in education that holds a few central ideas about learning. In “Science Education: An International Course Companion” by Keith Taber and Ben Akpan, the big ideas in consturctivism are laid out as follows, 1 … Continue reading

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A Better Way to Teach

What is Constructivism? As teachers, the beginning of each school year brings us students whose heads are filled with prior knowledge, ideas, and conceptions of the world. The constructivist theory tells us that students learn by experiences and interactions. When … Continue reading

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