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What They Don’t Tell You in “Teaching Chemistry 101”

FYI: Science and Chemistry are Not a Piece of Cake Chemistry. This may be a word that stresses many people out. It is an incredibly difficult topic to learn; I can vouch for that. You would think that once you have … Continue reading

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Bouncin’ Back

The “Problem Child” We’ve all heard teachers describe their “problem” children. These are often the students that act out in class, don’t follow instructions, and often show they don’t care about the class. It’s easy to blame the student for … Continue reading

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Don’t Make Your Students Dread “Test Day!”

The Typical Assessment Day Drag Does this image look familiar? Sadly, I’m sure it does. Assessment day always leaves a bad tastes in students’ mouths. They often can’t wait for this day to be over, or pray that the day never … Continue reading

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Wait, Compounds & Molecules Aren’t the Same Thing?

Alternate Conceptions Within the Chemistry Classroom: What Does That Even Mean? Alternate conceptions are very present inside any chemistry classroom. Sometimes, there are even developed outside of the classroom! These ideas can form: As a child from observing the world … Continue reading

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No Need to Doze-Off in THIS Classroom!

How Do We Get, and Keep, Our Students Interested in the Chemistry Classroom? At the beginning of a new lesson plan, teachers are introducing a completely new and possibly obscure topic to students. This is the portion of a lesson plan … Continue reading

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STEM for One, STEM for All!

Who Currently Works in STEM Fields? As of now, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields are dominated by white males. While this may be changing year by year, it is our jobs as science educators to get all students interested at … Continue reading

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Complexity in Thinking: Constructivism within Chemistry Learning

Diving into Chemistry Education Research (CER) Research within chemistry education is incredibly important to the progression of teaching methods within the subject. Chemistry is a very complex topic; almost as complex as the students eager to learn it! Topics within … Continue reading

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The Importance of Interdependence Within the Classroom

Group Work “Scaries” Everybody has heard the common horror stories about group work. Typically, there is the group member that hoards the project, the member that gets upset with this, and lastly, the group member who sits back with his … Continue reading

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Misconceptions of Motivation: The DRIVE to Succeed

Welcome to Misconceptions of Motivation 101! In this short online course, we are going to debunk the most common misconception about motivation in and outside of the classroom. What is that, you may ask? Continue through this short course to … Continue reading

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Thinking Outside the Box…Or Curriculum

Thinking and Teaching Outside of Curriculum What? You can actually think and teach outside of the set curriculum? Yes you can! Many teachers and education students think that curriculum is a set plan to follow word by word. In reality, curriculum … Continue reading

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