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Science education is SO easy!!

Being a science teacher is not all rainbows and butterflies. Being a science education major is not easy. Being a science education major is not like all other education majors. Is “those who can’t, teach” an actual saying? Yes. Are … Continue reading

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Resilient (adj): able to withstand or recover quickly from difficult conditions

What do you think of when you hear the word “home“? Your dog? Your parents? Your siblings? The smell of clean sheets? A homemade meal? If this is the case, you are lucky. Not all children come from homes such … Continue reading

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To assess does not mean to test!

Remember when every single unit ended in an exam in high school? Did you enjoy it? What if you’re not a good test taker? Did it show the entirety of your knowledge on the topic? Not all assessments are built … Continue reading

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What do you mean my blood’s not blue??

First of all, what’s a misconception? According to Merium-Webster: a wrong or inaccurate idea or conception What happens if a student comes up to you and asks: “Why do girls have one more rib than boys?” “Are all cells as … Continue reading

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Ballin’ on a Budget

Want to ENGAGE ALL of your students at the very BEGINNING of class?? Here are some great ways to get student’s ATTENTION right away (on a BUDGET). Brain Teasers ($0) Good Morning!! Brain teasers are great free ways to start off the … Continue reading

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You’re Watching MTV

Making Thinking Visible strategies promote engagement, understanding, and independence for all learners. Here are some examples! Zoom In What is the strategy? Asks learners to observe a portion of an image close up and develop a hypothesis as to what … Continue reading

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STEM(en & women)

Who dominates the STEM fields? According to The National Girls Collaborative Project: Women constitute 47% of the overall workforce But only 28% of the Science and Engineering workforce So what does this have to do with us teachers? Interest in a … Continue reading

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STE(A)M Activity

In the spirit of Halloween, here is an example of a ~spooky~ STEAM activity called Ghost Rockets! In case you forgot what the learning cycle looks like, here is a quick 3 minute               video explaining … Continue reading

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Constructivism in the Classroom

As someone who enjoys science, how excited do you get to go to History class? What about English class? Probably not very excited. But what if those teachers implemented activities in their classroom with the purpose to get students who … Continue reading

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Cooperative Learning

It’s all about Cooperative Learning these days. Think back to your middle or high school years for a minute. Did you ever have an assignment that felt a little more social compared to taking notes during a lecture? Because of … Continue reading

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