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Fostering Care Within A Traumatized Classroom

What Do We Mean by Trauma? As educators, we must prepare for trauma. It will be something we will face in our careers and continue till the day we retire. It will be present every year and is something we … Continue reading

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The Misconceptions of Alternate Conceptions

What even are Alternate Conceptions? Alternate Conceptions refer to the false ideas that people hold in regard to scientific concepts. Alternate Conceptions can be used in conjunction with the word misconception. People learn throughout their lives, we constantly are learning … Continue reading

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Let’s Make Thinking Visual!

As teachers, it’s crucial that we set up and provide tools for our students to gather knowledge easily. One thing that we have been going over in class during the past week is the method of making teaching visible. You … Continue reading

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Penny Pinching for Education

We all know that it can be a financial struggle starting out as a teacher. The motivation for teaching does not come from the paycheck but rather the drive to help our students. It has been found that teachers spend … Continue reading

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Stem Creativity to Promote Equity

In a world that is technologically progressing at extraordinary speeds, there are still primitive problems situated within our society. The demand for STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) related jobs is at an all-time high. There is a need for 3.5 … Continue reading

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The Drive Within Us

Motivation is the reason the world moves. Everyone has their own unique motivation that causes them to act in the way they do. Motivation is very powerful and can be used to do unimaginable things. Motivation is the factor that … Continue reading

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The Separation of Margins

What are Margins? Margins can be thought of as a complex spectrum style of learning that students sway into over the course of a lesson. It’s a naturally derived method that can be considered an important component of teaching and … Continue reading

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The Provisions of Exemplary Science Teaching

Exemplary means ” serving as a desirable model; representing the best of its kind”. So knowing what exemplary means and applying this to the basis of scientific teaching we can better understand how the two correlate. I feel that exemplary … Continue reading

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