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Why should we care?

The last lesson I taught at my field featured a video of scientists tagging sharks to estimate population sizes. Once the video ended, I had a student as my why we tagged sharks. I gave him the basic answer of … Continue reading

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Stop running with scalpels!

And you thought kids running with scissors was bad… Surgeons use these tools to cut people open and we expect high school students to be able to safely use one to open a frog? With having a solid set of … Continue reading

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Make Me Excited

Getting students engaged with a lesson can be the hardest thing about teaching. You can come up with the most engaging things possible, and then realize that it will cost way too much to actually carry out. Obviously, we can’t … Continue reading

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What am I good at?

“But I’m not good at anything.” “But I’m not creative.” “But I’m not smart.” These are excuses you will hear every day in a classroom. I am the speaker of those words. There are some days when I feel I … Continue reading

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Child Leaders

¬† Which of these beaches would you rather go to? Unfortunately, more of our beaches are becoming like the littered beach on the left. Humans have been leaving a path of destruction on our beaches. The article¬†The Effects of an … Continue reading

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Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. There is something that is so special about the combination of all of these things that makes wonderful things. Professions in STE(A)M are in high demand in many different fields. It is important to … Continue reading

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Who do you think is a doctor?

This is what I got back from google when I searched for “Doctor” in images. This is what I got back from Google when I searched for “Engineer” in images. In both of these images, about one forth of the … Continue reading

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Head Spinning

Thinking about thinking can really make your head spin. Thinking about other people’s thinking can be even more daunting. This daunting task is something that teachers must do on a daily basis in order to know how their students are … Continue reading

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Take me to Africa

My grandparents were avid world travelers when I was younger. Every time they would come home from a trip they would show me their pictures of where they went. The pictures that I really cared about were the animals. After … Continue reading

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Collaboration Nation

In many classrooms, students sit in straight rows, face forward, and the teacher lectures at them for 45 to 55 minutes. The students take notes (or sleep) and then move on to their next class. This is not how students … Continue reading

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