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You Have What It Takes

Being a science teacher comes with a lot of difficulties that do not exist in the other disciplines. Many things about the nature of science make it somewhat complicated and difficult to teach. It is important to acknowledge these complexities … Continue reading

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Lab Safety, It Just Might Save Your Life

Classroom management is something that is of the utmost importance to every teacher, and it should be. A mismanaged classroom can be an absolute disaster for the teacher and the students. In a classroom where there is lacking classroom management … Continue reading

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Free, Easy Ways to Increase Teaching Effectiveness

The old methods of teaching have been tossed out the window. New engaging styles of teaching are now widely used in all classrooms. This is because of increased research on and dedication to these new and innovative ways of teaching. … Continue reading

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If We Can’t Play to Ours, How Can We Play to Our Students Strengths?

Recently, for a methods of teaching science class we were required to participate in the Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment. I had heard about this assessment before but had never taken it, so I was excited to get some more information … Continue reading

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Constructivism in Stories

Environmental issues are at the forefront of the conversations of many people in the world today. Climate change and global warming are very pressing issues in our society today. However, not many people are educated on those topics. Getting people … Continue reading

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Visualizing Your Learning

Throughout our time together we have talked about about how making your thinking visible and visualizing a students learning are so important for them. It is so important that educational leaders have begun to add to the famous concept of … Continue reading

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Equity Does Not Equal Equality

In the three panels of this image we see examples of three important concepts that should be in place in every classroom. The first panel shows equality, the second shows equity, and the third panel shows equity without the barriers … Continue reading

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Seeing the Fruits of Your Labor

Representations of our learning such as posters and research papers are not the only way that a learner can make their thinking visible to themselves and all others around them. In their book Making Thinking Visible: How to Promote Engagement, Understanding, … Continue reading

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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

Students come from all kinds of different backgrounds. They all have different experiences that have shaped who they are. The students bring these into your classroom. Teaching with a constructivist mindset means that educators know that student past experiences have … Continue reading

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Working Together, Working To Get There

Collaboration. Conversation. Building off of others. These are all things that are essential for a classroom to be as productive as possible. All of these actions involve working along with somebody else. That is the most effective way to learn. … Continue reading

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