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Building Brilliant Resilience in the Classroom

Every year new students come into our classroom. We often don’t know what they’ve been through or what they’ve experienced, but we are able to see how those experiences affect them. According to one source, nearly 45% of children under … Continue reading

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Addressing Misconceptions in the Science Classroom

Looking at these above statements, how many do you think are true? Trick question: They’re ALL false! Now, don’t feel bad, a lot people believe these things to be true. After all, some of them are things that we grew … Continue reading

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Brain Blasts in the Science Classroom

When I was younger, I absolutely adored the show Jimmy Neutron. Every so often during an episode Jimmy would get a brilliant idea of how to solve a problem and would excitedly exclaim “Brain Blast”. His peers were often skeptical … Continue reading

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MTV: Creating a Culture of Critical Thinkers

“Do the reading by Friday. We’re going to talk about it in class, so be prepared.” I don’t know about you, but this was a sentence that was frequently said in my high school science courses. Of course I did … Continue reading

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Constructivism: The Power of Prior Knowledge

Imagine you are a science teacher about to start a new unit about Cellular Respiration and you are dreading it. You know that this is going to be a very difficult unit for your students. You have no idea how … Continue reading

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Cooperative Learning: There Is No I In Team (But There Is One In Interdependence)

Are you tired of group work? Does the idea of working with other people make you groan? Will your group members actually do their work or will they leave it to you to finish the project all by yourself? Why … Continue reading

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Find Your DRIVE

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who wanted nothing more than to learn how to play the piano. One day the little girl’s mom surprised her and took her to her very first piano lesson. The girl … Continue reading

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Teaching in the Margins: A “yes, and…” Philosophy

When you hear the term “the margins”, what do you think of? Most people probably think of the edges of a paper where you write comments and questions to yourself. But what are the margins in the context of a … Continue reading

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Out of the Box Teaching

Exemplary science teaching may look different to each individual person based on their past experiences and preferences for learning. Did they have effective or non-effective teachers? Do they remember their science classes being fun and hands on or were they … Continue reading

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