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Are you sure?: Identification and Correction of Misconceptions in the Science Classroom

Every year new students come will come into our classrooms with their own beliefs and preconceived notions. Sometimes these notions include incorrect understandings of scientific phenomena, known as misconceptions. So as teachers, we need to know how to identify these … Continue reading

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The Power of Curiosity

Duckworth, a student of Piaget’s, urges us to allow children to be curious and support their sense of wonder. It is this sense of wonder that gives our students a desire to learn. Extinguishing our student’s curiosity by denying them … Continue reading

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A Better Classroom with Constructivism

Are you teaching your students in the way they learn best? If you aren’t using Constructivism then the answer is no!!! In their article 2001 “The Many Forms of Constructivism”, Purdue professors George Bodner and Micheal Klobuchar discuss the idea … Continue reading

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More Than Just Group Work

Throughout school, I remember dreading group work. Huge projects that were supposed to be completed by multiple students. However, in the end it was always me finishing the project and compensating for other’s lack of work. This is obviously not … Continue reading

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Student Motivation: More than Candy and Good Grades

Let’s start off with a moment of self reflection. What motivates you? What drives you? Why do you go to work? Why do you have hobbies? Is it for the money? For others? Or is it because it is because … Continue reading

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Outside of the Box and In the Margins

What is the best way to teach our students? Is it through hour long lectures, strict note taking and forcing them to sit and listen to us ramble on about a topic they really don’t care about? Or is through … Continue reading

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Your Students Deserve the Best.. So Give it To Them!

The goal of every task is to be successful and good at that task. So logically, every teacher wants to be successful and good at teaching. But how do you know if you are a good teacher? How do you … Continue reading

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