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Are you up to the challenge?

The best and worst of any profession are the challenges that come with that profession. As I have pursued this profession, so many what-if’s and doubts have popped into my head, most of them related to the challenges that come … Continue reading

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Managing your classroom to manage your stress

As a future educator, one of the things I am most anxious about is managing a classroom. I don’t want to be too strict, to the point where students dread coming to my class, but I also don’t want to … Continue reading

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Engaging Tools That Won’t Break the Bank

As a future teacher, I want my classroom to stand out to students. When they come in the room, I want them to be excited and engaged. In the world we live in today, textbooks, pens, and paper just don’t … Continue reading

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Finding Strength in Your Students

Recently, I took the CliftonStrengths 2.0 test to discover my top 5 strengths. If you’re someone who likes to take personality tests, like me, you would really enjoy this test. It’s super insightful, and I believe my results are spot on! … Continue reading

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Science Impacts Everyone; Everyone Can Impact Science

Multiple hurricanes, earthquakes, California is on fire but JIM INHOFE HAD A SNOWBALL IN THE SENATE ONCE, WHAT CLIMATE CHANGE??? — Courtney Ste-Croix (@CDNwanderer88) September 8, 2017 Yes, in this week’s blog, I am throwing it back to 2015, … Continue reading

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Solar S’mores? Yes, Please!

           Everyone appreciates a beautiful sunset or sunset. It’s hard not to love the picture-perfect colors, and  with social media being so prominent, it’s hard not to document it in it’s full beauty. But any scientist … Continue reading

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For the Scientist Doubting Herself

Picture a scientist. Not a specific scientist, just a generic scientist. What image comes to your mind? What is the scientist wearing? How tall are they? What age? What ethnicity? What gender? The scientist that pops into my head is … Continue reading

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What does thinking look like?

It’s so simple to test students and grade them based on the facts they’ve memorized, but the whole point of education isn’t to memorize facts, but to develop students who can think critically and solve problems. If the classroom focuses on facts … Continue reading

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The impact of a feather

Socrates could be talking about anything here, and I’m sure we could apply this statement to anything. Today, we’re going to apply it to knowledge- specifically the knowledge of students. Students don’t come into your classroom as empty vessels waiting … Continue reading

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Cooperative Learning, a Human Dinosaur, and Your Classroom

What does this video of marching band have to do with your classroom? To me, this video- and marching band itself- is the epitome of cooperative learning. “Cooperation! I do that in my classroom. My students have several group projects throughout … Continue reading

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