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Surviving The Storm: Fostering Resiliency In Science Learners

What is resiliency? When you first hear the words resilient or resiliency, you may think of a definition similar to the idea of withstanding or “bouncing back” from difficult decisions. This idea is often connected to the resilience of communities, … Continue reading

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“Tomato/Tomahto, Conception/Conceeption”

What are “Alternate” Conceptions? “Alternate Conception” is essentially a euphemism for “Misconception.” The necessity of which is tied to the nature of science itself. Modern-day scientific facts should not be fanatically accepted, but instead should be tested against other proposed … Continue reading

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STEM Through Another Lens

Despite encompassing a wide range of careers, the fields of STEM often display characteristics associated with institutionalized discrimination against minorities. The Current State of STEM It would be an extreme understatement to simply say that STEM careers are disproportionately filled … Continue reading

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Driving Down New Roads: A Motivational Roadmap

Our First Stop? Daniel H. Pink’s Drive It is imperative to note that although this blog post draws heavily from Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink, this is in no way a review nor … Continue reading

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Marching To The Margins

Audio Transcript What does it mean to “Teach in the Margins?” “Teaching in the Margins” recognizes that harmony is not found in a homogeneous society, but rather, is found within that beautiful chaos found naturally in the margins of the … Continue reading

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“EST-ablishing” yourself as an Exemplary Science Teacher

What does it mean to be an Exemplary Science Teacher? Exemplary Science Teaching is — by it’s nature — what every science educator should strive for. Simply put, Exemplary Science Teaching involves the continual refinement of educational practices in order … Continue reading

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