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How to Foster Resilient Learners in the Classroom

On page 7 of the book Fostering Resilient Learners, the author mentions the responsibility of a teacher “to educate every single child who enters our schoolhouses”. That does not just mean that we provide them the educational resources to do … Continue reading

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How to Address Misconceptions in the Science Classroom

Let’s start by watching this video: How many of these misconceptions have you have held? Were there any that surprised you? These are all only a small part of the misconceptions that your students may hold as they walk into … Continue reading

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The Wonder in Wonderful Ideas

In the book “The Having of Wonderful Ideas”, Duckworth emphasizes the importance of the virtues involved in not knowing, just as much as the virtue of knowing the right answer. As educators, we must not underestimate the power of wonder … Continue reading

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MTV: The Art of Visualizing Thinking

In the current classrooms, teachers mostly focus on completing worksheets and assignments, instead of emphasizing the importance of truly understanding the material. We don’t expect students to “think”, they are mostly only required to memorize and recall knowledge. Effective teaching … Continue reading

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How to Construct Your Classroom With Constructivism

In the article Constructivism in Classroom: Theory into Practice (1999), Naylor and Keogh explained that the “central principles of this approach [constructivist view] are that learners can only make sense of new situations in terms of their existing understanding.” Does … Continue reading

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Structuring Interdependence: Cooperative Learning

I’m sure every student has experienced this: Group projects aren’t the most fun, exciting and collaborative as your teachers think it is. One person goes missing, another one says they’ll help but doesn’t, and some don’t have any idea what’s … Continue reading

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DRIVE: What Keeps You Going?

Let me ask you a question: Why do you study? Is it for the grades? Is it because your parents promised you the brand new iPhone if you get an A? Is it for your GPA so that you can … Continue reading

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The Path to Teaching: Going Into The Margins

What are our roles as the teacher in the classroom? To lecture them about the curriculum? Making sure that they’re seated in their rows, not talking to their friends, and taking notes of your lecture? The answer should definitely be … Continue reading

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Redefining teaching: Being an Exemplary Science Teacher

I’m sure everyone has a teacher that you probably will remember for the rest of your life – be it your English teacher, your soccer coach or a band instructor. Usually, the teachers that you remember are the ones that … Continue reading

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